We are de-politicizing sustainability.

The why

1) Sustainability content is… boring.

Climate-focused media is stuck in 2010. Here at SR, we’re ready for 2030.

Millennials and Gen-Zers have the ability and authority to make a positive change — we just need accurate information and dynamic tools to deliver. With quick, digestible articles, Amazon Polly-enabled audio tapes, and helpful data visualizations, Sustainable Review makes it easy to get in curious and get out smarter.

We aim to make our content as skimmable as possible, with the ultimate goal of making sustainability an integrated part of new media.

2) Sustainability isn’t communicated well

As much as you think it is, sustainability isn’t appealing to the masses… why?

Existing content is…

  • Out of touch
  • In-the-classroom
  • Overly sensational
  • Partisan
+ Doom-and-gloom human shaming isn’t working
So this is what we do —

SR provides facts, analysis, and key insights around the sustainability movement with an emphasis on productive and rational thinking. We turn complicated subjects into easy, actionable talking points.

As an independent media company dependent on user donations, SR avoids political positions (we’ll take a stance now and then, but try to be as neutral as possible), scoffs at corporate brown-nosing, and fights against online censorship.

Free speech is the foundation of a free society, and the suppression of speech is more problematic than problematic speech. At SR, what you see is what you get.

We built this platform…

To bring authenticity and rational thinking to the sustainability media space. We believe that by making content quick and smart, we can bridge the gap between ‘I’m and environmentalist’ and ‘I don’t know where to start’.

Ultimately, we aim to shape a mission-driven society that encourages inclusion, healthy optimism, and above all, active participation.

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