Our mission is to make sustainability ordinary.

The why

Sustainability needs independent, decentralized voices. We understand how people are interested in sustainability, but few actually live sustainable lifestyles. We hope to bridge that gap by creating unbiased, apolitical content.

What do we do?

For consumers who want to do more for sustainability but feel stuck, Sustainable Review is a weekly newsletter that shares climate and sustainability news in 5 minutes or less.

Unlike other newsletters, Sustainable Review does not use affiliate links or advertisements. Instead, we fund our content through our donations.

What makes us different?

 ✓ No ads

✓ No click-bait titles

✓ No agenda

What you see is what you get.

Sustainable Review has no political affiliation, scoffs at corporate brown-nosing, and emphasizes transparency and authenticity around its content.

Our only focus is building a healthier planet.

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