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Beyond Skin is a renowned brand that is making positive strides towards sustainability. With an environment rating of ‘it’s a start’, the brand is committed to using eco-friendly materials. They have incorporated recycled materials into their products, which helps reduce waste and resource consumption. However, there is no evidence to suggest that Beyond Skin minimizes textile usage during the manufacturing process or reduces packaging waste.

In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, Beyond Skin manufactures their products locally. By producing items close to their target market, they are able to minimize transportation-related emissions. This sustainable approach demonstrates the brand’s dedication to preserving the environment and fostering a greener future.

When it comes to labor practices, Beyond Skin’s rating is ‘not good enough’. The final stage of production takes place in Spain, a region with a medium risk of labor abuse. While the brand traces most of its supply chain, there is no evidence to suggest that they have implemented a Code of Conduct. This absence of a code raises concerns about the working conditions and treatment of employees involved in the production process. Additionally, there is no evidence to indicate that Beyond Skin audits its supply chain, which further undermines transparency and accountability.

Another important aspect of labor practices is ensuring fair wages. Unfortunately, there is no evidence to suggest that Beyond Skin ensures payment of a living wage in its supply chain. This is a significant consideration when evaluating the ethical practices of a brand. While Beyond Skin has made strides in other areas, the lack of attention to fair wages is an area that requires improvement.

On the positive side, Beyond Skin has a remarkable animal rating of ‘great’. The brand proudly states that their entire product range is vegan, reflecting their commitment to animal welfare and the elimination of animal cruelty. Consumers who prioritize cruelty-free products can confidently choose Beyond Skin, knowing that they are supporting a brand that aligns with their values.

Overall, Beyond Skin has been rated ‘Good’ in terms of sustainability. While there are areas that need improvement, such as labor practices and fair wages, the brand is taking significant steps towards a more sustainable future. By incorporating eco-friendly materials and maintaining a vegan product range, Beyond Skin is making a positive impact on the planet. The transparency and accountability of the brand could be enhanced through the implementation of measures such as a Code of Conduct and supply chain audits. However, it is encouraging to see a brand actively working towards sustainability and setting a positive example for others in the industry.

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