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      Welcome to our sustainability discussion forum. I notice how there is a lot of intra-conflict within the climate community. Finger-pointing, blame-gaming, shaming, etc. I also cringe at how much sustainability/climate action has become a political issue as much as it is a social issue. I wanted to open up a discussion forum outside of the r/climate or twitters of the world to let anyone speak freely about their perspective on climate change. Here at SR, we are proponents of free speech. The only way we can progress as a society is by shedding light on ideas we both love and hate. Censoring and hiding ideas we do not like or may fear do not make them disappear, they radicalize in dark corners. I hope this sustainability-centered discussion forum can be an opportunity for internet-users from all walks of life to openly and anonymously discuss a divisive topic. [wpedon id="4554" align="left"]
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