Bamboo Spork


With this one, easy to use, Bamboo Spork you can help save on the 50,000,000,000 pieces of single-use plastic cutlery thrown away each year.

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World’s First 3 in 1 Bamboo Bamboo Spork

  • Environmentally Brilliant- It is Sustainably Sourced, 100% Biodegradable and Completely Vegan

  • Perfect for Travel – weighing less than 20g

  • 17 cm long

  • Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties

  • Extra Smooth Finish – easy to clean

  • Super Fast Delivery

  • Tree Planted for Every Purchase

  • 2-year warranty on every single spork!

With this one, easy to use, Spork you can help save on the 50,000,000,000 pieces of single-use plastic cutlery thrown away each year. This plastic ends up in our Landfills, Oceans and Wildlife.

Take this easy plastic-free first step…

Materials and Packaging

  • 100% Sustainable Mao Bamboo

  • Packaging made from 100% recycled Kraft paper. Unbleached. Can easily be recycled again

Message From the Maker

My name is Xiaoping Bao, I am 48 years old, I have been working with the company for 20 years. I have found well paying, consistent and satisfying work through this job. I live in Nanping County with my family and my hobbies are singing and Dancing. Each morning, I get up early, and go to practice it with my friends, it brings me a healthy body, and I will keep this hobby. I make bamboo kitchen utensils. I hope you love the kitchen utensils as much as we do.

Workplace Transparency

Our partner who makes the bamboo sporks are located in Fujian, China. Where the minimum wage is 1280 RMB per month. However, the minimum wage paid in the workshop is nearly double that of the local minimum. The lowest an artisan gets paid is 2550 RMB per month. The youngest person to work there is of the age of 22. The artisans are provided with pension and unemployment insurance. As well as with medical and maternity insurance, and also accident insurance.

Product Care & End of Life

Rinse under warm running water and then dry with a cloth.

The packaging can easily be recycled or biodegraded in soil.

After many years and decades of use. You can simply bury it in your garden and have a candlelight vigil.


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