REPURPOSE: Compostable Extra Strong Tall Kitchen Bags 13gal, 12 ea


Non-toxic. BPA-free. 100% made from plants.

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Non-toxic. BPA-free. These kitchen bags are 100% made from plants. Repurpose uses a variety of plant fibers such as corn, beets, wood pulp, cassava, or bamboo in their products.

Reduce your carbon footprint without risking a breakthrough come trash day. Our BPI-certified compostable bags have functionally-designed star-sealed bottoms to prevent leaks.

Repurpose compostables provide a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics by breaking down in commercial composting facilities in 90-180 days.

  • 12, 13-gallon bags
  • Functionally designed with star-sealed bottom to prevent leaks.
  • Made from compostable materials
  • BPI certified and OK compost HOME-certified

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