With the aim of reducing waste and overconsumption this holiday season, SR will be running a closed-loop, sustainable gift exchange.

According to Stanford, Americans throw away 25% more trash during the Thanksgiving to New Year’s holiday period than any other time of year. The extra waste amounts to 25 million tons of garbage, or about 1 million extra tons per week!

We are here to combat that trend. Create an impact by contributing to our sustainable gift exchange in the comment section. You can contribute anything from a deck of old baseball cards to an unopened pair of Airpods. See below for instructions on how to participate.

What is a sustainable gift exchange?

A sustainable gift exchange is the buying, selling and/or trading of second-hand goods. Your listing can be unopened/unused, but it shouldn’t be new unless you want to re-gift it (someone got you a gift and you don’t want it). You can choose to buy, sell or trade any item based on a bidding system.

Here are the rules/guidelines:

The gift exchange will be orchestrated in the comment section.

Interested in selling something?

Please include:
  • Initial asking price
  • Brief description of product (how long have you had it, what’s the condition, why don’t you want it)
  • General location (city, state or country) – in case the transaction can be local
  • Are you open to trades? (Y/N)
  • High-resolution image w/ note showing current date (see below for example).
  • Something you want this holiday season (don’t be specific)… someone else may have it
    • example: I want new golf gear.
  • Note: You may need to post your email (for PayPal transactions or if further communication is needed)

All listings with active bids must be completed by 1/30/2021 at 12 PM EST. Active listings can be closed at any time, we just kindly ask that you reply to your original comment with “closed”.

Interested in buying something?

Please see the comment section below.

If you don’t see anything you like, please comment something you want this holiday season that someone else may have (don’t be specific). Example: I want new golf gear.

If you can, take a look around your house and include a product to sell.

Someone out there may own an unused item you want, or want an item you have but don’t use!


Please include shipping in your asking price. All sellers are expected to ship the item unless the transaction is local. If you are paying for a product or service, please use PayPal (or another service) as an escrow service.

How to ship responsibly:
  • Try repurposing a box you already have. With a non-fragile item, try using a box that fits the item as closely as possible to reduce waste and minimize packaging materials.
  • Don’t use packing peanuts unless they are biodegradable
    • Alternatives: shredded paper, white sheets, old clothes, blankets, crumbled newspaper, stripped pieces of cardboard.
  • Don’t use traditional gift wrap. Try repurposing old around-the-house items like newspaper.

Making a safe transaction (for trades especially):

As mentioned, I’d recommend using PayPal as an escrow for payment transactions. Please use good judgment when making a transaction. If something doesn’t seem right, don’t do it. If you need more verification, ask for it. Services like PayPal also offer Buyer Protection, which can make any transaction more secure.

Making a safe trade:

Trades are difficult transactions to make on any platform.

To make a more secure trade, buyers/sellers with an agreed arrangement are welcome to ship their products to Sustainable Review where we will act as a neutral third-party. In this scenario, Sustainable Review would inspect and ship the exchanged goods on your behalf. Please email jared@sustainablereview.com for more information.

Please note:

By participating in this campaign, you agree that Sustainable Review is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods that may occur as a result of shipping, phishing or other criminal activity brought forth by other parties. This list includes misleading information during a transaction and even unintended harm. All conflict resolutions, if any, must be made outside of Sustainablereview.com.

Last, but not least

Please remember that the primary objective of this ‘sustainable’ gift exchange is to create a less wasteful holiday season. That means prioritizing eco-friendly options over convenient ones. That means doing the right thing over the profitable thing.

Above all, we are trying to create social impact. Let’s make this year the biggest gift exchange yet!

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Comment something cool you want to sell and reduce waste this holiday season.
  • December 15, 2020

    Located in Metro NYC area. Asking price: $250 (open to trades)

    This is a Single Mac XL functional glass rig made by Toro Glass. Bought it for $275 back in 2016, used it less than 30 times. Willing to part ways. The tube has cobalt blue + white base and mouthpiece. Toro label is in good shape. Comes with protective case.

    Note: I am interested in finding some music equipment this year.

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