We love Nature and want to keep Her happy.

Jared Wolf

Founder, CEO

About the Community

The SR Community of Contributors is made up of students (undergrad, grad, PHD) and young-professionals from around the world. They each share a unique perspective on sustainability.

One contributor may be biochem-crazy for food, while the next author is obsessed with slow fashion.

What they all have in common, however, is a shared dedication to provide scientifically-accurate, rational and productive content around sustainability.

About Me

I started Sustainable Review in 2019 with a simple idea: turn thoughts and ideas about sustainability into actionable insights.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that sustainability has no problem of interest. In reality, it’s a matter of trust.

I began to think. If I can work with brands and readers to bridge the trust gap… maybe, just maybe… we can break through the noise of ‘should I trust you?’ and start making real change.

Trust wins in business. Why? Customers and employees are looking for purpose behind a product or service. It’s not a utopia, it’s becoming an economic reality. Business owners need to center strategy around that earth-friendly principle.

So, whether you are a buyer or a business, how do you communicate your cause?

One more thing

When I left corporate finance for a mission-driven fellowship @ Venture for America, I noticed how not only was I happier, but my peers started asking me about ways they can transition into purpose-driven work too.

So apart from all the eco-stuff, we’ll throw in our two cents on the future of work, or how big tech/AI is shaping the future… for better or for worse. Transhuman robots, anyone?

After all, sustainability is about more than just the environment, it’s about creating a replicable lifestyle embedded in a system of permanence.

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