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337 BRAND is a sustainable fashion brand that is making a positive impact on the environment. With a focus on using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing locally, the brand is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize harm to the planet.

One of the key aspects of 337 BRAND’s sustainability efforts is its use of organic cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals, making it a much more environmentally friendly choice compared to conventional cotton. By using a high proportion of eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, 337 BRAND is reducing the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in the production process.

In addition to its material choices, 337 BRAND also manufactures its products locally. By producing its garments close to home, the brand is minimizing the carbon emissions associated with transportation and reducing its overall impact on the environment. This commitment to local manufacturing is a step in the right direction towards creating a more sustainable fashion industry.

While 337 BRAND has made significant strides in its environmental efforts, there are areas where the brand can improve. Currently, there is no evidence that the brand minimizes textile waste during the manufacturing process. Textile waste is a significant issue in the fashion industry, and brands must take active steps to reduce and recycle waste materials.

When it comes to labor practices, 337 BRAND’s rating is “it’s a start.” The final stage of production for its products occurs in the USA, which is considered a medium risk country for labor abuse. However, there is no evidence to suggest that the brand has implemented a Code of Conduct to ensure fair and ethical treatment of workers throughout its supply chain. Additionally, 337 BRAND has not taken measures to ensure payment of a living wage for its workers.

On a more positive note, 337 BRAND has a great rating in terms of its treatment of animals. The brand proudly states that its entire product range is vegan, meaning no animal products or byproducts are used. This commitment to cruelty-free fashion is commendable and aligns with the brand’s overall mission of sustainability.

In conclusion, 337 BRAND is working towards building a more sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion industry. Its focus on using eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and manufacturing locally highlights its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. However, the brand needs to improve in areas such as minimizing textile waste and ensuring fair labor practices. Overall, 337 BRAND is making progress and is rated as “good” in terms of sustainability.

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