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Environmental Impact

A. ROEGE HOVE has been rated as “It’s a Start” in terms of its environmental impact. The brand’s supply chain is evaluated based on various factors such as carbon emissions, wastewater, business models, and product circularity. One important factor impacting A. ROEGE HOVE’s score is the absence of evidence showing that the brand uses any lower-impact materials.

However, the brand does employ low-waste cutting techniques to maximize fabric use, which is a positive step towards reducing waste. Additionally, A. ROEGE HOVE manufactures its products closer to home, thereby minimizing the climate impact of long-distance shipping.

While these measures are commendable, there is no evidence to suggest that A. ROEGE HOVE is taking meaningful action to reduce water use. Water conservation is a crucial aspect of sustainability, and brands must actively work towards minimizing their water footprint.

Workers’ Rights

The “People” rating focuses on evaluating brands’ policies and practices regarding workers’ rights. A. ROEGE HOVE has been rated as “It’s a Start” in this category. The final production stage of the brand’s products takes place in the European Union, which is categorized as a low/medium risk region for labor abuse. This is a positive factor contributing to the brand’s rating.

A. ROEGE HOVE claims to have a Code of Conduct in place; however, it does not publicly disclose it. Transparency is vital in ensuring accountability and trust. The brand should consider making its Code of Conduct accessible to the public to showcase its commitment to workers’ rights.

While A. ROEGE HOVE traces most of its supply chain, there is no evidence to suggest that it ensures workers are paid living wages throughout its supply chain. Fair wages are essential for promoting a fair and just work environment.

Animal Welfare

In terms of animal welfare, A. ROEGE HOVE has been rated as “Good.” The brand does not appear to use animal-derived materials, although it does not claim to be a vegan brand. Animal welfare policies and the traceability of animal-derived products are key considerations in this rating category.

A. ROEGE HOVE has demonstrated a positive stance towards animal welfare by not using animal-derived materials. However, further transparency regarding its animal welfare policies would be beneficial for consumers who prioritize cruelty-free products.

Overall Rating

Based on all publicly available information reviewed, A. ROEGE HOVE has received a rating of “Good” overall. While the brand has made some progress in terms of environmental impact and workers’ rights, there are areas where improvement is still needed.

By incorporating lower-impact materials, taking meaningful action to reduce water use, and ensuring living wages throughout its supply chain, A. ROEGE HOVE can further enhance its sustainability practices. Transparency regarding its Code of Conduct and animal welfare policies would also contribute to its overall rating.

Overall, A. ROEGE HOVE is on the right path towards sustainability, but there is room for growth and improvement. Continual efforts to prioritize the environment, workers’ rights, and animal welfare will enable the brand to make a more significant positive impact in the industry.

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