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Our blog focuses on sustainability, and we are dedicated to sharing information about brands that prioritize environmental and social responsibility. One brand that stands out in terms of their commitment to sustainability is Amadeus.

Amadeus and the Environment

When it comes to the environment, Amadeus goes above and beyond to minimize its impact. The brand has earned a “Great” rating in our “Planet” category due to several factors.

  • Amadeus makes a conscious effort to use a high proportion of lower-impact materials in their products. This includes the use of recycled materials, which helps reduce the demand for new resources and minimizes waste.
  • The brand also prioritizes the use of low-impact materials throughout its supply chain. By opting for materials that require fewer chemicals, less water, and produce less wastewater, Amadeus reduces its environmental footprint.
  • In addition, Amadeus manufactures its products by hand. This approach not only ensures attention to detail and quality but also helps minimize its climate impact. By avoiding mass production methods that can be energy-intensive, Amadeus demonstrates its commitment to sustainable practices.
  • Furthermore, Amadeus takes an active stance against the use of plastic packaging. Plastic waste is a significant environmental concern, and by using alternative packaging materials, Amadeus helps reduce plastic pollution.

Amadeus and Workers’ Rights

At our blog, we believe that workers’ rights are crucial for a brand’s sustainability efforts. Amadeus has earned an “It’s a Start” rating in our “People” category, indicating room for improvement in this area.

  • One positive aspect is that Amadeus produces its products in-house, with the help of a small team. This means that the brand has direct control over its production process and can ensure better working conditions.
  • Amadeus also traces most of its supply chain, which is a step in the right direction. Traceability helps identify potential areas of concern and enables the brand to take corrective actions where necessary.
  • However, there is no evidence that Amadeus ensures its workers are paid living wages throughout its supply chain. Ensuring fair wages is essential for supporting workers and promoting social equality.

Amadeus and Animal Welfare

While some brands heavily rely on animal-derived materials, Amadeus stands out by creating products that are generally free of such materials. As a result, we have not rated Amadeus’s impact on animals in our “Animals” category.

Overall Rating: Good

Based on our evaluation of publicly available information, we rate Amadeus as a “Good” brand overall. This rating reflects the brand’s strong focus on environmental sustainability and its commitment to producing products with lower-impact materials. However, there is room for improvement in terms of workers’ rights and ensuring fair wages throughout the supply chain.

At our blog, we encourage brands to continuously strive for sustainability and make positive changes to protect the planet, support workers, and promote animal welfare. Amadeus is setting a great example, and we hope to see even more progress from them in the future.

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