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CHNGE: A Sustainable Fashion Brand with a Positive Impact

CHNGE, the fashion brand causing ripples in the industry, has earned a remarkable ‘Great’ rating for its environmental efforts. This recognition is well-deserved as CHNGE’s core values revolve around using eco-friendly materials, including Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton. They’re actively working to reduce their environmental footprint.

Commitment to Sustainable Partnerships and Production

CHNGE is deeply committed to not only delivering the highest quality products but also to collaborating with manufacturing partners who share their unwavering dedication to both the planet and the individuals responsible for crafting their clothing. The production partners stand in alignment with their vision, upholding the values of sustainability, workers’ rights, and transparency.

Their clothing is exclusively crafted within a Fairtrade Factory, boasting certifications such as The Global Recycling Standard and a remarkable Platinum Level recognition from the Indian Green Building Council’s Green Factory Building Rating System. 

Moreover, their processes are fully GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). Remarkably, over 98% of the water utilized in the dyeing process is recycled, ensuring that the effluent emerges on the other side nearly as pure as drinking water.

Sustainable Practices

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CHNGE takes a unique approach to sustainability through limited production runs. Creating only a limited quantity of each item effectively reduces textile waste, preserving valuable resources and minimizing landfill contributions.

Furthermore, CHNGE’s commitment to eco-friendly materials extends beyond waste reduction. These sustainable fabrics help limit the use of chemicals, water, and wastewater during production. Not only does this benefit the environment, but it also ensures that their final products are safe and healthy for consumers.

At their mill, 95% of the water used in the dyeing process is recycled, and the remaining water is repurposed for cement production. Their sewing facility relies on renewable energy sources for 80% of its energy needs and has received a Platinum certification from the India Green Building Council for its energy efficiency.

Certifications for their dyeing and printing processes include OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and the GOTS standard.

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Fair Work Labor

Another crucial aspect of CHNGE’s sustainability efforts revolves around labor practices. While their labor rating currently stands at ‘it’s a start,’ they’re actively taking steps to improve working conditions in their factories. 

The products are made in a Fairtrade Factory. This means there is no forced work, the work conditions are safe, the pay is fair, and the workers can form trade unions. The factory pays the workers enough to support themselves and two children. 

This money covers things like food, housing, healthcare, education, and some extra for savings. The workers get meals at work that are mostly paid for, and they can see a doctor at the factory every two weeks. If they work extra hours by choice, they get paid twice as much.

GOTS certification for their manufacturing facilities underscores their commitment to ethical standards. CHNGE prioritizes worker health and safety, addressing related concerns proactively. However, there’s room for clarity regarding ensuring living wages in their supply chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CHNGE a sustainable brand? 

CHNGE is dedicated to sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and reducing their environmental impact. They have received a ‘Great’ environmental rating for their practices.

Do they have a recycling program? 

CHNGE focuses on limited production runs to minimize textile waste, which helps to preserve resources and reduce landfill waste.

What are their labor practices like? 

While CHNGE’s labor rating is currently classified as ‘it’s a start,’ they’re actively working to improve working conditions in their factories. They hold Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification for their manufacturing facilities.

Are CHNGE’s products cruelty-free? 

CHNGE products do not use animal materials, reflecting their commitment to cruelty-free fashion and animal welfare. However, they don’t explicitly market themselves as a vegan brand.

What is CHNGE’s overall sustainability rating? 

CHNGE has received an overall ‘Good’ rating, reflecting their commitment to eco-friendly materials, limited production runs, ethical labor practices, and animal welfare.


CHNGE receives a ‘Good’ sustainability rating, reflecting its dedication to eco-friendly materials, limited production, and ethical labor practices. They set an example in the fashion industry by making conscious choices about materials and their impact on workers and animals. As they continue to work towards a more sustainable future, CHNGE inspires other brands to follow suit..

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