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Elkline, a sustainable clothing brand, has made significant strides in creating a positive impact on the environment. With a good environment rating, Elkline is dedicated to using eco-friendly materials in its products, including Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton. By incorporating these materials into their designs, Elkline reduces its climate impact and minimizes the use of harmful chemicals, water, and wastewater during production.

Furthermore, Elkline takes pride in using low impact, non-toxic dyes in the majority of its products. This commitment ensures that the brand prioritizes the health and well-being of both consumers and the environment. By avoiding toxic dyes, Elkline contributes to the preservation of water sources and prevents pollution of ecosystems.

While Elkline has not specifically outlined plans to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, the brand’s use of eco-friendly materials indirectly helps combat climate change. By opting for sustainable materials, Elkline minimizes its carbon footprint and contributes to a greener future.

In terms of labor practices, Elkline has earned a good labor rating. The brand has implemented a Code of Conduct that aligns with some of the International Labour Organization’s Four Fundamental Freedoms principles. This demonstrates Elkline’s commitment to fair and ethical treatment of workers throughout its supply chain.

Furthermore, Elkline takes responsible sourcing seriously. It acknowledges the potential risks of labor abuse in certain countries and takes measures to ensure that the final stage of production is sourced from these higher-risk regions. While it is unclear whether Elkline ensures payment of a living wage in its supply chain, the brand actively traces the majority of its supply chain to promote transparency and accountability.

When it comes to animal welfare, Elkline has made a promising start. The brand does not use fur, leather, down, exotic animal skin, or angora in its products. However, Elkline does use wool and exotic animal hair. While these materials may raise concerns for some animal rights advocates, it is important to note that Elkline’s focus on sustainability extends beyond animal welfare.

Overall, Elkline is rated as ‘Good’ in terms of its sustainability efforts. The brand’s commitment to using eco-friendly materials significantly reduces its environmental impact and promotes responsible production practices. Elkline’s dedication to fair labor practices through its Code of Conduct and supply chain transparency also highlights its commitment to ethical business practices. While there is still room for improvement, Elkline is on the right track towards creating a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.

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