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Our “Planet” rating evaluates brands based on the environmental policies in their supply chains, from carbon emissions and wastewater to business models and product circularity. Here we rate [eyd] “It’s a Start”.

One of the factors that influence [eyd]’s score is its use of a medium proportion of lower-impact materials, including organic cotton. By using these materials, [eyd] helps limit the chemicals, water, and wastewater in its supply chain. This commitment to using low impact materials shows that [eyd] is taking steps towards sustainability and reducing its environmental footprint.

[eyd] also uses renewable energy in its direct operations, such as stores or offices. This is a positive step towards reducing its carbon emissions and embracing clean energy sources. However, it’s important to note that [eyd] does not currently use renewable energy in its supply chain. By expanding its use of renewable energy throughout its entire operations, [eyd] could further reduce its environmental impact.

Another sustainable practice that [eyd] employs is the reuse of textile offcuts. By finding ways to repurpose and reuse these materials, [eyd] is minimizing waste and diverting textiles from landfills. This circular approach to production is crucial for creating a more sustainable fashion industry.

When it comes to workers’ rights, [eyd] receives a “Good” rating in our “People” category. [eyd] has a mission to improve social conditions for stigmatized women and survivors of violence and modern slavery. This commitment to social justice is commendable and shows that [eyd] is not only focused on environmental sustainability but also on creating positive social change.

Additionally, part of [eyd]’s final production stage is certified by the WFTO Guarantee System. This certification ensures that fair trade principles are being upheld, including fair wages and safe working conditions. However, it is not clear if [eyd] ensures that workers are paid living wages in its entire supply chain. This is an area where [eyd] could further improve its practices to ensure fair compensation for all workers involved in the production of its products.

In our “Animals” rating, [eyd] receives a “Great” score. The brand states that its entire product range is vegan, meaning that no animal-derived materials are used in the production of its items. This commitment to animal welfare and the avoidance of animal products is highly commendable and aligns with the values of many sustainability-minded consumers.

Based on all publicly available information we’ve reviewed, we rate [eyd] “Good” overall. While [eyd] demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability through its use of low-impact materials and renewable energy, there are areas for improvement, such as ensuring living wages in its supply chain. However, [eyd]’s dedication to improving social conditions and its animal-friendly practices make it a brand worth considering for those interested in sustainable and ethical fashion.

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