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[eyd] Sustainability Review: Striving for a Greener Fashion Future

In pursuing a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible fashion industry, [eyd] is making strides towards sustainability. Their journey is assessed through our “Planet,” “People,” and “Animals” ratings, revealing both commendable practices and areas for further improvement.

Environmentally Friendly Choices

[eyd] earns an “It’s a Start” rating in our “Planet” evaluation, in part due to its use of lower-impact materials like organic cotton. This decision helps reduce the environmental footprint by limiting chemical, water, and wastewater usage in the supply chain. It’s a sign of [eyd]’s commitment to sustainable practices. 

  • Waste Reduction and Recycling: [eyd] prioritizes waste reduction and recycling, utilizing fabric leftovers from clothing production to create new items like scrunchies and fanny packs.
  • Eco-Friendly Packaging: The brand reuses cardboard boxes and employs paper parcel tape to minimize the use of plastic in storage and transportation. They avoid individual packaging for their pieces, reducing plastic waste.
  • Environmentally Conscious Operations: The EYD office sources electricity from the green energy provider Polarstern and has an account with EthikBank. Orders are shipped via DHL Go Green for a climate-neutral delivery process.
  • Green Commuting: In their Stuttgart office, many employees commute by foot, bike, or train, contributing to a more environmentally friendly workplace.

Eco-friendly Materials

[eyd] brand packaging
  • Cotton: Their cotton products are sourced exclusively from controlled organic cultivation. This sustainable approach minimizes water usage as rainwater largely meets the plant’s needs. The process avoids harmful pesticides, herbicides, and genetic modifications. The dyes used are also organic, ensuring an eco-friendly process that’s fair to the environment and workers. These stringent organic farming guidelines enable farmers to increase their profits.
  • Lyocell (Silk-like Fabrics): They use lyocell, a cellulose fiber derived from eucalyptus wood instead of silk. Unlike conventional synthetic fibers, lyocell is fully biodegradable and doesn’t contribute to microplastic pollution. Producing lyocell requires minimal chemicals, with up to 95% of them being recyclable. This versatile material offers comfort and skin-friendliness.

Embracing Clean Energy

Another noteworthy practice is [eyd]’s use of renewable energy in direct operations, such as stores and offices. While this is a positive step towards reducing carbon emissions, [eyd] has room for improvement by expanding renewable energy use throughout its supply chain. Such a move could further minimize its environmental impact.

Circular Approach

[eyd] minimizes waste by reusing textile offcuts, contributing to a circular fashion industry. This approach is essential for sustainability, ensuring materials are diverted from landfills and reused effectively.

Advocating for Workers’ Rights

women sewing with automated sewing machine

Credit Image: [eyd]

In our “People” rating, [eyd] receives a “Good” score. They are dedicated to improving social conditions for marginalized women and survivors of violence and modern slavery. This shows [eyd]’s commitment to positive social change beyond environmental sustainability.

Additionally, part of [eyd]’s final production stage is certified by the WFTO Guarantee System, ensuring fair wages and safe working conditions. However, it remains to be seen if [eyd] provides living wages throughout its supply chain. This presents an opportunity for [eyd] to enhance its practices further and guarantee fair compensation for all workers involved.

Animal-Friendly Practices

In the “Animals” rating, [eyd] earns a “Great” score. The brand’s entire product range is vegan, meaning no animal-derived materials are used. This aligns with the values of conscious consumers who prioritize animal welfare and sustainability.

Their fashion is entirely free of animal-derived components such as leather, wool, fur, or silk. Using animal products in clothing negatively impacts animals and the environment, often involving countries with lax animal welfare regulations and resource-intensive breeding. Instead, they prioritize plant-based materials like organic cotton and lyocell. Their “TISA LONG” jumpsuit earned the PETA Germany Vegan Fashion Award. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is [eyd] a sustainable brand?

Yes, [eyd] is dedicated to sustainability, making eco-conscious choices in their operations. They use organic materials, renewable energy, and ethical practices, showcasing their sustainable brand commitment.

What materials does [eyd] use in its products?

[eyd] primarily utilizes eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and lyocell, free from harmful chemicals. Their strict avoidance of animal-derived materials such as leather, wool, fur, or silk aligns with their commitment to sustainability.

Does [eyd] have a recycling program?

[eyd] actively reduces waste by creatively repurposing fabric leftovers from clothing production. These remnants are transformed into new products, such as scrunchies and fanny packs, demonstrating their commitment to recycling and minimizing environmental impact.

How does [eyd] package its products?

[eyd] takes an eco-conscious approach to packaging. They reduce plastic usage by reusing cardboard boxes and using paper parcel tape. Moreover, they avoid excessive individual packaging for their items, reducing unnecessary waste and environmental footprint.

What is [eyd]’s approach to energy and transportation?

[eyd] is environmentally responsible in its energy choices, sourcing electricity from a green energy provider. They further contribute to sustainability by choosing climate-neutral delivery through DHL Go Green. Additionally, [eyd] encourages their employees to use eco-friendly commuting options.

Where can I buy [eyd] products?

[eyd] offers a convenient way to explore and purchase sustainable fashion items through their website, making it accessible for conscientious consumers looking for eco-friendly and ethical fashion choices.


In our overall assessment, [eyd] is rated “Good.” While they demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, there is potential for growth, especially in ensuring living wages in the supply chain. Nonetheless, [eyd]’s dedication to improving social conditions and animal-friendly practices makes them a brand worth considering for those seeking sustainable and ethical fashion choices.

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