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Intoa Design: Pioneering Sustainability in Fashion

You maybe asking if INTOA is sustainable brand. Intoa Design is a renowned brand that places sustainability at the core of its values, embodying a commitment to responsible fashion. 

This eco-conscious company actively seeks eco-friendly materials, prioritizes upcycling, and adopts innovative practices to reduce waste in the textile industry.

In this article, we explore Intoa Design’s sustainable initiatives, highlighting their focus on materials, production methods, labor practices, and transparency.


Sustainability Initiatives: A Holistic Approach

INTOA Design, founded in 2010 by craftsperson and designer Helena Hannula (AMK), is dedicated to crafting handmade, eco-friendly accessories and home textiles. Their goal is to create sustainable, enduring products using recycled materials, mainly old jeans and rag rugs. 

These items are designed with a material-centric and creative approach, ensuring that used materials find new life in innovative forms. To prevent excess inventory, most items are made to order. 

Materials are sourced from local flea markets, businesses, and donations, with a focus on minimizing waste. Packaging is kept to a minimum, and any used is either recycled or recyclable.

INTOA Design is committed to supporting sustainable development by repurposing materials and reducing environmental impact

Materials and Waste Reduction

INTOA denim footwear

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Intoa Design takes sustainability seriously, boasting an excellent environmental rating. The brand thoughtfully sources eco-friendly materials, prominently incorporating upcycled materials in its production process. 

This not only reduces the demand for new resources but also contributes to the reduction of waste in the textile industry. Best practices include exploring innovative materials with low environmental impact to further minimize their ecological footprint.

Made-to-Order Production

Key to minimizing textile waste, Intoa Design’s strategy is to produce items on a made-to-order basis. Each item is meticulously crafted only when an order is placed. This innovative approach eliminates excess inventory and overproduction, reducing material wastage. 

Moreover, it ensures that every piece is unique and tailored to customer preferences, reinforcing their commitment to sustainability.

Responsible Production

Intoa Design actively reduces the use of chemicals, water, and wastewater in its production process. By consciously opting for materials with a low environmental impact, the brand maintains its commitment to sustainability. 

This aligns seamlessly with its mission to minimize harm to the environment and create a positive impact on the planet.

Labor Practices and Ethical Production

Intoa Design upholds excellent labor practices. All products are manufactured in-house by the owner, guaranteeing a fair and ethical working environment for employees. This hands-on approach allows the brand to have full control over labor conditions, upholding high standards of integrity and transparency throughout its operations. 

The company’s dedication to fair labor practices demonstrates its commitment to responsible and ethical business conduct.

Transparent Supply Chain

Intoa Design goes the extra mile to trace its entire supply chain. This means actively tracking and monitoring each step of the production process, from sourcing raw materials to the final product. 

By doing so, the brand ensures that every supplier and manufacturer adheres to ethical standards and aligns with its sustainability principles. This level of transparency builds trust with customers and reinforces the brand’s commitment to responsible business practices.

Animal Welfare

Intoa Design holds a good rating in terms of animal welfare. While it doesn’t explicitly state that it is vegan, the brand excludes the use of animal-derived materials. This practice aligns with the brand’s mission of promoting sustainability and responsible consumer choices, contributing to the reduction of animal exploitation in the fashion industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is INTOA Design?

INTOA Design is a sustainable fashion brand founded by Helena Hannula (AMK) in 2010, specializing in handmade, eco-friendly accessories and home textiles crafted from recycled materials.

What materials are used in INTOA Design products?

INTOA Design primarily uses recycled jeans and rag rugs as the basis for their collections, creatively repurposing these materials into unique, sustainable products.

How are INTOA Design products made sustainable? 

The brand follows eco-conscious practices, such as producing most items on a made-to-order basis, sourcing materials from flea markets and businesses, and minimizing waste in the design phase.

Are INTOA Design products customizable? 

Yes, many items can be tailored to your preferences. For example, denim shoes can be customized based on color and material choices.

Is INTOA Design committed to animal welfare? 

INTOA Design doesn’t use animal-derived materials, contributing to the reduction of animal exploitation in the fashion industry.

Where can I find INTOA Design products? 

INTOA Design products can be found on their official website and may also be available through selected retailers.

What is the brand’s approach to packaging? 

INTOA Design strives to minimize packaging and uses materials that are either recycled or recyclable to reduce environmental impact.

Do they accept donations of materials? 

Yes, they do accept donations of materials, but they aim to use surplus and end stocks from various manufacturers whenever possible.

Are INTOA Design collections limited in time? 

No, collections are designed to be timeless, and products can be modified according to customer preferences, ensuring long-lasting appeal.

What is INTOA Design’s mission in terms of sustainability? 

INTOA Design’s mission is to support sustainable development by repurposing materials, reducing waste, and offering eco-friendly, enduring products that align with responsible consumer choices.


In conclusion, Intoa Design is a shining example of a fashion brand that sets the standard for sustainability. With a strong focus on eco-friendly materials, a made-to-order approach, excellent labor practices, and a transparent supply chain, the company exemplifies integrity and ethical conduct. 

Although not explicitly vegan, Intoa Design’s commitment to cruelty-free options resonates with its overall dedication to sustainable practices. By adhering to such a holistic approach, Intoa 

Design not only promotes responsible consumer choices but also showcases that sustainability and style can harmoniously coexist in the fashion industry. The brand’s unwavering commitment to sustainability positions it as a beacon for the future of fashion.

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