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Kordal Studio: A Beacon of Sustainability in the Fashion World

Kordal Studio, the sustainable fashion brand, is gaining recognition in the industry for its dedication to ethical practices and eco-friendly materials. With an overall rating of ‘Good,’ Kordal Studio is setting an example for sustainability in fashion.

About Kordal Studio

Kordal Studio is a clothing brand committed to creating quality garments through sustainable design practices. Their collections are produced ethically, emphasizing timeless designs over fleeting trends. 

The brand’s dedication to using natural, organic, and recycled textiles underscores its eco-friendly approach. Additionally, Kordal Studio ensures fair wages for its workers, contributing to responsible and ethical production. 

Kordal Studio’s Sustainable Innovation: The Zero-Waste Patchwork Quilted Jacket

Confronting the substantial environmental toll of textile waste, Kordal Studio remains dedicated to pioneering solutions. Despite the absence of a textile recycling system as robust as those for paper or aluminum, the brand is unwavering in its mission to diminish waste streams. 

Their primary focus is on utilizing natural textiles, known for their superior biodegradability compared to synthetics. Kordal Studio’s recent collaboration in Guatemala illustrates their commitment to this cause. By repurposing textile remnants from quilted jackets and pants, the brand introduced the innovative Zero-Waste Patchwork Quilted Jacket. 

This project, while part of an ongoing endeavor toward circular design, signifies the potential for transformative sustainable practices. The process entailed systematically organizing scraps based on color and size, with skilled seamstress Sandra masterfully reimagining their purpose, marking a promising stride toward sustainability. 

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Rating: ‘Good’

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Kordal Studio is dedicated to environmental sustainability. The brand uses eco-friendly materials, including recycled cotton, to reduce waste and minimize its environmental impact. By employing these materials, Kordal Studio is actively contributing to waste reduction and environmental preservation.

Moreover, the brand’s commitment to plastic-free packaging is a significant step towards reducing plastic pollution in our landfills and oceans. This approach aligns with the broader goal of promoting sustainable packaging practices throughout the fashion industry.

Kordal Studio’s focus on minimizing water usage and wastewater generation in production is also noteworthy. By utilizing eco-friendly materials, the brand effectively reduces the demand for water during manufacturing processes, addressing the global issue of water scarcity.

Labor Practices

Labor Rating: ‘It’s a start’

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While Kordal Studio sources materials from regions at risk of labor abuse, the brand ensures transparency and traceability in its supply chain. The brand’s effort to trace most of its supply chain, from production stages to delivery, is commendable. However, Kordal Studio should enhance its approach to investigating and reporting safety incidents in its facilities.

Furthermore, the brand’s commitment to paying a living wage to workers in its supply chain needs to be clarified. Ensuring fair compensation is essential for improving working conditions and promoting social equality. By addressing this aspect of labor practices, Kordal Studio can take a significant step forward in its journey toward ethical labor practices.

Animal Welfare

Animal Rating: ‘It’s a start’

Kordal Studio’s commitment to cruelty-free fashion is evident through its avoidance of fur, leather, down, exotic animal skin, and angora. However, the brand does use wool and exotic animal hair in its designs. 

To strengthen its animal rating, Kordal Studio should provide transparency and traceability in its sourcing to ensure the welfare of animals is not compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kordal Studio’s primary focus in terms of sustainability?

Kordal Studio emphasizes environmental sustainability by using natural, organic, and recycled textiles in its collections. The brand strives to reduce waste and minimize its environmental impact, focusing on biodegradable materials that help preserve the planet.

How does Kordal Studio contribute to reducing textile waste?

The brand confronts the environmental toll of textile waste by repurposing fabric scraps from its quilted jackets and pants, introducing innovative projects like the Zero-Waste Patchwork Quilted Jacket. This reflects their commitment to finding solutions and minimizing waste streams.

What measures does Kordal Studio take to ensure ethical labor practices?

While the brand sources materials from regions at risk of labor abuse, Kordal Studio is dedicated to transparency and traceability in its supply chain. They aim to trace most stages of production, with a focus on improving worker safety and potentially paying a living wage.

Is Kordal Studio’s commitment to cruelty-free fashion well-established?

Yes, Kordal Studio is committed to cruelty-free fashion by avoiding materials like fur, leather, down, exotic animal skin, and angora. However, the brand uses wool and exotic animal hair in its designs, indicating a need for further transparency in sourcing to protect animal welfare.

How does Kordal Studio address environmental conservation in its practices?

Kordal Studio employs eco-friendly materials such as recycled cotton and practices plastic-free packaging to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact actively. Their initiatives also focus on conserving water, contributing to global efforts to address water scarcity.

What’s the significance of Kordal Studio’s Zero-Waste Patchwork Quilted Jacket project?

Kordal Studio’s innovative project reflects its commitment to repurposing textile scraps and minimizing waste. While part of their ongoing journey toward circular design, it showcases the potential for transformative sustainable practices, with textile scraps creatively repurposed.

How can consumers support Kordal Studio’s sustainability efforts?

Consumers can support Kordal Studio and its dedication to sustainability by choosing their eco-friendly and ethically produced fashion products. By opting for brands like Kordal Studio, individuals contribute to a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry.

What is Kordal Studio’s vision for the future regarding sustainability?

Kordal Studio’s vision for the future involves continuous progress in environmental and ethical practices. The brand is committed to improving labor conditions and animal welfare and adopting more sustainable initiatives while maintaining transparency and traceability.


In summary, Kordal Studio is a brand actively pursuing sustainability in the fashion industry. Its use of eco-friendly materials, plastic-free packaging, and water conservation initiatives demonstrates a strong focus on environmental conservation. 

While labor practices and animal welfare present opportunities for improvement, Kordal Studio’s commitment to transparency and traceability showcases its dedication to continuous progress.

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