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When it comes to sustainability, L¬cher Prise is leading the pack with its impressive environmental policies and practices. We have rated this brand as “Great” in our “Planet” rating, which evaluates brands based on their supply chain’s environmental impact. One of the factors influencing its score is the high proportion of lower-impact materials it uses, including organic cotton. By opting for these materials, L¬cher Prise helps limit the use of chemicals, water, and wastewater in its supply chain.

Another factor that sets L¬cher Prise apart is its approach to minimizing waste. The brand consciously limits its production runs, ensuring that only what is necessary is produced. This not only reduces excess inventory but also minimizes the environmental impact associated with overproduction. Additionally, L¬cher Prise takes responsibility for its packaging and uses recycled materials. By using recycled packaging, the brand further reduces its carbon footprint and contributes to a more sustainable future.

Turning our attention to the “People” rating, which focuses on workers’ rights, L¬cher Prise has been rated as “It’s a Start”. While the brand does trace most of its supply chain, there is no evidence to suggest that it has a Code of Conduct in place. However, L¬cher Prise claims to audit some of its supply chain, although the percentage remains unspecified. Further, there is no evidence to suggest that the brand ensures workers are paid living wages in its supply chain. Nonetheless, L¬cher Prise’s commitment to auditing its supply chain is a step in the right direction.

In terms of animal welfare, L¬cher Prise excels with a “Great” rating in our “Animals” category. The brand proudly states that its entire product range is vegan, indicating its commitment to producing cruelty-free and sustainable fashion. This rating takes into account the brand’s policies on animal welfare as well as its ability to trace animal-derived products in its supply chain.

Based on all the publicly available information we have reviewed, we give L¬cher Prise an overall rating of “Good”. The brand’s commitment to using environmentally friendly materials, minimizing waste, and ensuring a vegan product range is commendable. While there are areas for improvement, such as the need for a Code of Conduct and ensuring living wages for workers, L¬cher Prise is on the right path towards greater sustainability.

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