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Libeco, a renowned brand in the sustainable fashion industry, has been making great strides in promoting environmentally friendly practices. With a focus on using eco-friendly materials and minimizing waste, Libeco has earned an impressive environment rating of ‘great’.

One of the key factors contributing to Libeco’s positive environment rating is its use of a high proportion of organic linen. Organic linen is produced using sustainable farming practices that avoid the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. By opting for organic linen, Libeco reduces its ecological footprint and promotes the growth of sustainable agriculture.

In addition to using eco-friendly materials, Libeco is also dedicated to minimizing textile waste. The brand recycles all of its offcuts, ensuring that they do not end up in landfills. This approach not only reduces waste but also contributes to the conservation of resources. By repurposing offcuts, Libeco demonstrates a commitment to circular fashion and strives to make the most out of every material.

Libeco’s commitment to using eco-friendly materials and minimizing waste directly translates into reduced consumption of chemicals, water, and wastewater during production. This not only lessens the environmental impact but also ensures that the end products are safe for both the consumers and the environment. By opting for sustainable materials, Libeco sets an example for other brands in the industry and encourages the adoption of more eco-conscious practices.

While Libeco’s labor rating is currently ‘it’s a start’, the brand has taken important steps towards promoting responsible labor practices. Although there is no evidence of Libeco having a Code of Conduct, it does trace all of its supply chains. This level of transparency helps ensure that the brand has a clear understanding of its supply chain and can address any potential issues or concerns that may arise.

However, it is unclear whether Libeco ensures payment of a living wage in its supply chain. This is an area where the brand can further improve its labor rating. Ensuring fair wages for all workers involved in the production process is crucial to creating a sustainable and ethical fashion industry. By taking proactive measures and implementing a living wage policy, Libeco can demonstrate a stronger commitment to the wellbeing of its workers.

Despite this, Libeco deserves recognition for auditing all of its suppliers. By conducting regular audits, the brand ensures that its suppliers adhere to ethical and sustainable practices. This commitment to accountability demonstrates Libeco’s determination to improve labor conditions and maintain a responsible supply chain.

Turning our attention to Libeco’s animal rating, we see that the brand has received a rating of ‘good’. While Libeco does not use any animal products, it does not explicitly state that it is vegan. This indicates that while the materials used in its products are free from animal-derived substances, the brand may not have taken additional steps to ensure that its entire supply chain aligns with vegan principles.

Overall, Libeco has earned a rating of ‘good’, indicating its commitment to sustainability across various aspects of its business. With a focus on eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, and responsible labor practices, Libeco sets a positive example for the fashion industry. By continually striving for improvement and addressing areas for growth, Libeco can further enhance its sustainability rating and inspire other brands to follow its lead.

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