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Magpie Goose: Taking Steps Towards Sustainability

Magpie Goose, a clothing brand that focuses on incorporating sustainable practices in its supply chain, has been making waves in the fashion industry. With their commitment to environmental consciousness, worker empowerment, and animal welfare, Magpie Goose is slowly but surely making a positive impact on the world.

The “Planet” Rating

When it comes to environmental policies, Magpie Goose is making progress. Their use of lower-impact materials, particularly linen, sets them apart from many other brands in the industry. By choosing to utilize materials that have a smaller carbon footprint, Magpie Goose is taking a step in the right direction.

However, there is still work to be done. Magpie Goose has not yet implemented meaningful actions to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals in their manufacturing process. This is an area where they can further improve and ensure that their garments are produced in a safer and more sustainable manner.

One noteworthy aspect of Magpie Goose’s sustainability efforts is their avoidance of plastic packaging. Plastic waste is a growing concern globally, and by opting for more eco-friendly packaging alternatives, Magpie Goose is doing their part to minimize environmental impact.

In addition, Magpie Goose has taken a proactive approach to waste reduction. They reuse all of their textile offcuts, minimizing waste and promoting a more circular textile industry. By repurposing these offcuts, Magpie Goose demonstrates a commitment to embracing a more sustainable and responsible business model.

The “People” Rating

Worker’s rights are of utmost importance to Magpie Goose. By partnering with independent Aboriginal artists and Aboriginal art centers, the brand not only celebrates and supports Indigenous culture but also directly contributes to the livelihoods of these artists. This commitment to creating meaningful partnerships showcases Magpie Goose’s dedication to the people involved in their supply chain.

Furthermore, Magpie Goose’s final production stage is certified by Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA), ensuring that it meets high ethical standards. This certification provides assurance to consumers that the brand is committed to fair and safe working conditions for its workers.

While Magpie Goose partly traces its supply chain, it does not have sufficient evidence to demonstrate that workers are paid living wages throughout its entire supply chain. This is an area where the brand can continue to improve and ensure fair compensation for all workers involved.

The “Animals” Rating

Magpie Goose, though not claiming to be a vegan brand, does not appear to use any animal-derived materials in its products. This dedication to cruelty-free fashion is commendable and sets Magpie Goose apart from many other brands in the industry.

It is also worth noting that Magpie Goose does not provide extensive information on how well they trace any animal-derived products they might use. Further transparency in this aspect would be beneficial for consumers who are concerned about the ethical treatment of animals.

Overall Rating

Based on the available information, Magpie Goose is rated as “Good” overall. While they have made significant efforts in several areas, there is still room for improvement in terms of reducing hazardous chemicals in manufacturing, ensuring living wages throughout the supply chain, and providing more transparency regarding animal-derived products.

Magpie Goose is, nevertheless, taking steps towards sustainability and demonstrating a commitment to ethical and environmentally friendly practices. By supporting this brand, consumers can actively contribute to a more sustainable fashion industry and a better world for future generations.

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