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Neu Nomads is a remarkable brand that is dedicated to sustainability and making a positive impact on our planet. With an environment rating of ‘great’, the brand is committed to using eco-friendly materials and renewable energy in its supply chain to reduce its climate impact. One of the key eco-friendly materials used by Neu Nomads is Tencel Lyocell, which is known for its sustainable production process and biodegradability.

By incorporating a high proportion of eco-friendly materials in its products, Neu Nomads ensures that it limits the use of chemicals, water, and wastewater in its production. This not only reduces the brand’s carbon footprint but also minimizes the negative impact on the environment. In a world where fast fashion dominates, Neu Nomads stands out by prioritizing sustainability and consciously making choices that contribute to a healthier planet.

Apart from its impressive environmental efforts, Neu Nomads also demonstrates a strong commitment to labor rights. With a labor rating of ‘great’, the brand places importance on workers’ rights and ensures the payment of a living wage in the final stage of production. While there is no evidence of a formal Code of Conduct, Neu Nomads has a formal statement that outlines its commitment to workers’ rights, providing transparency and accountability in its practices.

Neu Nomads takes its supply chain seriously and goes beyond just talking the talk. The brand traces most of its supply chain and makes regular visits to its suppliers to ensure ethical practices are maintained. By actively engaging with its suppliers, Neu Nomads promotes transparency and encourages responsible business practices throughout its entire production process.

When it comes to animals, Neu Nomads receives a rating of ‘good’. The brand uses exotic animal hair, but does not use fur, leather, wool, down, exotic animal skin, or angora. This demonstrates its commitment to avoiding animal cruelty and making conscious choices that are aligned with its sustainability values. By omitting the use of these materials, Neu Nomads successfully blends style with compassion and proves that fashion can be both trendy and animal-friendly.

In conclusion, Neu Nomads is a brand that truly stands out in the world of sustainability. With its ‘great’ overall rating, the brand showcases an unwavering commitment to the environment, labor rights, and animal welfare. By using eco-friendly materials, renewable energy, and maintaining a transparent supply chain, Neu Nomads proves that fashion can coexist with sustainability. Next time you’re looking to update your wardrobe, consider supporting Neu Nomads and be a part of the movement towards a more sustainable future.

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