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Polly Wales: A Sustainable Brand Making a Positive Impact

At Polly Wales, sustainability is at the forefront of our brand values. We understand the importance of taking responsibility for our environmental impact and ensuring fair treatment of our workers. That’s why we are proud to have received a “Good” rating in the “Planet” category and an “It’s a Start” rating in the “People” category.

Planet Rating: Good

As part of our commitment to the environment, we strive to use lower-impact materials in our production process. We prioritize recycled materials to reduce the demand for new resources and minimize carbon emissions. By using low impact materials, we also limit the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater generated throughout our supply chain.

In addition, we have implemented a made-to-order manufacturing model to minimize waste. This means that each piece is created specifically for the customer, reducing excess inventory and ensuring that only what is truly desired is produced. By manufacturing our products closer to home, we also aim to reduce the climate impact of long-distance shipping.

While we have taken significant steps to address our environmental impact, we acknowledge that there is room for improvement. Currently, there is no evidence of specific measures taken to minimize packaging waste, which is a significant driver of plastic pollution. However, we are constantly exploring innovative solutions to make our packaging more sustainable and reduce our overall environmental footprint.

People Rating: It’s a Start

At Polly Wales, we believe in upholding workers’ rights and ensuring fair labor practices. Our products are made in-house by the owner, allowing us to closely monitor and control the working conditions. While we do not have a formal Code of Conduct, we have a formal statement that outlines our commitment to workers’ rights.

We also take steps to trace our supply chain, including the final and some of the second production stages. This transparency allows us to ensure that our products are produced under fair conditions and that workers are treated with dignity and respect.

While we claim to ensure the payment of a living wage in our supply chain, we understand the importance of defining what constitutes a living wage. We are actively working towards establishing clear guidelines to guarantee fair compensation for all workers involved in the production of our products.

Overall Rating: Good

Based on the available information, we have been rated “Good” overall in terms of our environmental and labor practices. We understand that sustainability is an ongoing journey, and we are committed to continuous improvement.

At Polly Wales, we strive to make a positive impact, not only through our products but also through our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. We believe that by taking conscious steps towards protecting the planet and ensuring fair treatment of workers, we can create a better future for all.

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