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Is Rokit Vintage a Sustainable Brand? Discovering Rokit Vintage’s Commitment to Sustainability

Rokit Vintage is rapidly gaining recognition in the realm of sustainable fashion. With a stellar environmental rating, the brand is dedicated to employing eco-friendly practices and materials, including recycled resources, to reduce its ecological footprint. 

Manufacturing its products locally further lessens its climate impact and bolsters the local economy. Rokit Vintage places a strong emphasis on ethically producing its items and abstains from using materials of animal origin, emphasizing its devotion to sustainable fashion.

Key Takeaways

  • Rokit Vintage earns an excellent environmental rating by prioritizing eco-friendly materials and reducing its carbon footprint through local manufacturing.
  • The brand focuses on sustainability by using recycled materials, thus reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Rokit Vintage’s in-house production with a small team ensures quality control and supports the local economy while reducing transportation emissions.
  • The brand maintains a good labor rating, indicating its dedication to fair and safe working conditions, although explicit living wage commitments are unclear.
  • Rokit Vintage is animal-friendly, avoiding fur, angora, down, exotic animal skin, or hair in favor of recycled alternatives, making it a sustainable and ethical fashion choice. 

About Rokit Vintage

  • Founded by the Shackleton brothers, Jeremy and Anthony, along with their sibling Tim, Rokit started as a vintage denim trading stall in Camden’s market.
  • In 1986, Rokit expanded its market stall into a shop at 225 Camden High Street, a former butcher’s shop with meat hooks and a cold storage fitting room.
  • Rokit quickly became a hub for creativity and individuality, dressing various subcultures, including club kids, Britpoppers, and Amy Winehouse.
  • The iconic two-story Rokit 225 building symbolized the ever-changing culture of Camden and later expanded to Brick Lane in 2001, opening a sister boutique, 107.
  • Rokit focuses on independence, authenticity, diversity, and creativity, offering an alternative to high-street fashion by encouraging people to create their unique style from a century’s worth of clothing.
  • In 2003, Rokit Covent Garden became the flagship, promoting independent shopping and influencing Central London’s vintage scene.
  • With a history of nearly 40 years, Rokit remains an independent, authentic, and pioneering brand committed to recycling, sustainability, and offering limited edition sustainable fashion through Rokit Originals. 

Eco-friendly Materials

Since 1990, they’ve partnered with Trans-Continental Textile Recycling in British Columbia, Canada, sourcing high-quality vintage and secondhand clothing from North America. Importantly, this collaboration ensures that nothing is exported and discarded in ragyards. 

This recycling facility processes 30 tonnes of textiles daily and provides 4 tonnes of cleaning materials to developing countries, collaborating with charities to support local communities. 

Rokit Vintage distinguishes itself by its consistent use of eco-friendly materials. The brand places paramount importance on minimizing harmful chemicals, curbing water consumption, and decreasing wastewater in the production process. 

Their choice of recycled materials breathes new life into old garments while reducing the demand for fresh resources. This not only minimizes the brand’s environmental footprint but also contributes to a reduction in waste sent to landfills.

Local Manufacturing

Rokit Vintage’s strong focus on local manufacturing sets it apart. With in-house production managed by a small team, the brand can maintain rigorous quality control. Additionally, this approach reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation, which, in turn, lessens shipping emissions. Local manufacturing further allows the brand to champion the local economy.

Labor Standards

With a positive labor rating, Rokit Vintage demonstrates its commitment to ensuring that its workforce enjoys equitable treatment and a secure working environment. While it remains unclear whether the brand guarantees payment of a living wage, the fact that it opts for in-house production implies a higher likelihood of fair compensation. 

Moreover, the brand’s dedication to supply chain transparency reinforces accountability throughout the production process.

No Animal Materials

For those who prioritize animal welfare in their fashion choices, Rokit Vintage aligns seamlessly with their values. The brand refrains from using fur, angora, down, exotic animal skin, or exotic animal hair in its products. Instead, Rokit Vintage opts for alternative materials like recycled wool and recycled leather, ensuring fashion without harm to animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rokit Vintage environmentally conscious?

Yes, Rokit Vintage is committed to eco-friendly materials and reducing its carbon footprint through local manufacturing.

Are workers treated relatively at Rokit Vintage?

While not explicitly mentioned, the brand’s good labor rating and in-house production suggest a higher likelihood of fair compensation.

Does Rokit Vintage ensure transparency in its supply chain?

Yes, the brand takes steps to trace its supply chain, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout production.

Does Rokit Vintage use animal-derived materials?

No, the brand avoids materials like fur, angora, down, and exotic animal skin, opting for animal-friendly alternatives.


Rokit Vintage stands as a beacon of sustainable fashion. With an exceptional environment rating, it places eco-friendly materials and local manufacturing at the forefront of its operations, thereby reducing its carbon footprint. 

The positive labor rating ensures equitable working conditions for its employees, even though explicit living wage commitments remain undefined. Rokit Vintage’s unwavering commitment to avoiding animal-derived materials reinforces its reputation as a sustainable and ethical fashion brand. In sum, Rokit Vintage is at the forefront of forging a more sustainable path in the fashion industry.

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