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The brand Saalt is committed to sustainability and making eco-friendly choices in its manufacturing processes. With a good environment rating, Saalt prioritizes using fabrics that are certified by Bluesign, ensuring that they meet strict environmental standards. In addition, Saalt incorporates a medium proportion of recycled materials into its products, further reducing its environmental impact.

While Saalt’s environmental efforts are commendable, there is currently no evidence that the brand actively minimizes textile waste during the manufacturing process. Textile waste is a significant issue in the fashion industry, and brands that take steps to reduce waste have a positive impact on the environment.

In terms of labor practices, Saalt has a good rating. The brand’s suppliers are certified by Social Accountability International (SA8000) and Bluesign, indicating that they adhere to ethical and social standards. Saalt also traces most of its supply chain, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the production process.

However, there is currently no evidence that Saalt ensures the payment of a living wage in its supply chain. A living wage is an essential aspect of fair labor practices, ensuring that workers are compensated adequately for their work and can maintain a decent standard of living.

To maintain high ethical standards, Saalt conducts audits of most of its supply chain. This practice helps identify any potential issues or violations related to labor standards and provides an opportunity for improvement and corrective actions.

One notable aspect of Saalt’s products is that they are generally free of animal materials. This makes Saalt a suitable choice for those seeking cruelty-free and vegan options. However, it’s important to note that we have not specifically rated Saalt’s impact on animals, as our overall rating is based on environment and labor scores only.

Overall, Saalt receives a ‘Good’ rating for its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. While there are areas where improvements can be made, such as minimizing textile waste and ensuring a living wage in the supply chain, Saalt’s efforts to incorporate eco-friendly materials and maintain good labor practices demonstrate its dedication to a more sustainable future.

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