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Smalls Merino: A Step towards Sustainability

Smalls Merino, a brand focused on creating high-quality clothing items, is making strides towards sustainability. The brand has been evaluated based on various environmental, social, and animal welfare factors, and here’s how it stacks up:

Environmental Impact: “It’s a Start”

  • Smalls Merino currently lacks evidence of using lower-impact materials in its production process.
  • To reduce waste, the brand makes sure to reuse all textile offcuts, showcasing a commitment to minimizing environmental impact.
  • The brand’s packaging is recyclable, promoting eco-friendly practices.
  • However, there is no significant evidence of the brand taking action to reduce water usage, an area for potential improvement.

Social Responsibility: “Good”

  • Smalls Merino’s final production stage occurs in Portugal, a country with a medium risk of labor abuse, indicating the brand’s commitment to fair labor practices.
  • The brand traces its entire supply chain, ensuring transparency and accountability in its operations.
  • Regular visits to suppliers show Smalls Merino’s dedication to maintaining ethical standards within its supply chain.
  • However, there is no clear evidence that the brand ensures all workers in its supply chain receive living wages, an area that could be strengthened.

Animal Welfare: “Good”

  • The ZQ Merino Label certifies the wool sourced by Smalls Merino, highlighting the brand’s commitment to animal welfare.
  • Smalls Merino does not use leather, down, fur, angora, exotic animal skin, or exotic animal hair in its products.
  • The brand’s adherence to animal welfare standards and traceability further solidifies its commitment to ethical practices.

Considering all the factors evaluated, Smalls Merino has received an overall rating of “Good.” The brand’s efforts towards sustainability, ethical practices, and environmental consciousness are commendable, and there is a clear commitment to improving in various areas. By focusing on lower-impact materials, water conservation, fair labor practices, and animal welfare, Smalls Merino is taking meaningful steps towards creating a more sustainable and responsible brand.

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