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Sorella Organics: Pioneering Sustainable Fashion with Purpose

In the dynamic realm of fashion, Sorella Organics emerges as a trailblazer, crafting garments and orchestrating a symphony of sustainability. This brand goes beyond trends, dedicating itself to a profound impact on the environment, workers’ well-being, and animal rights, establishing a paradigm for the fashion industry to follow.

Key Takeaways:

  • Planet-Friendly Practices: Sorella Organics earns a “Good” rating in our “Planet” assessment, emphasizing its commitment to eco-friendly materials, notably organic cotton, and a focus on minimizing production waste.
  • Emphasis on Quality: Limiting production runs, Sorella Organics reduces textile waste and focuses on delivering quality and craftsmanship in each piece.
  • Workers’ Well-being: Acknowledging room for improvement, the “People” rating highlights Sorella Organics’ progress with certifications from Fairtrade International, GOTS, and WRAP. Transparency is enhanced through supply chain tracing.
  • Animal-Friendly Fashion: Achieving a “Great” rating in our “Animals” evaluation, Sorella Organics proudly offers a vegan product range, ensuring cruelty-free fashion and traceability of its animal-friendly practices.
  • Overall “Good” Rating: Sorella Organics, a trailblazer in sustainable style, receives an overall “Good” rating. While excelling in eco-friendly materials and animal welfare, opportunities for improvement lie in energy efficiency, workers’ rights, and a formal Code of Conduct.

About Sorella Organics

Sorella Organics operates as an independent Australian label, with its owner, Jess, residing in Brisbane. All orders are meticulously shipped from the Brisbane studio. The brand specializes in sleepwear and loungewear for men, women, and maternity, sourcing the softest certified organic and fair-trade cotton. 

This careful selection ensures that each piece is gentle on the skin, environmentally conscious, and supportive of the farmers cultivating the cotton. Sorella Organics proudly upholds a vegan ethos, refraining from the use of animal products in its manufacturing process.

The collection is crafted in Australia, Fiji, and India.

Committed to small, deliberate production runs, Sorella Organics emphasizes the significance of reducing textile waste. This approach involves creating only what is known to be in demand by Sorella customers.

 Despite occasional stock shortages, the brand believes that the wait is justified, aligning with their dedication to supporting the well-being of their skilled sewers. By extending the industry average time for order fulfillment, Sorella Organics ensures that workers are not subjected to undue pressure. This leads to enhanced garment quality and a decreased risk of garment seconds. This initiative contributes to minimizing environmental impact by reducing garment waste.

Having earned honorary membership in the Ethical Fashion Forum’s Fellowship 500, an industry body for sustainable fashion, Sorella Organics is recognized for its commitment to sustainable and ethical fashion. 

The brand remains devoted to continual learning and improvement across all facets of its supply chain to reduce environmental impact further, aspiring to be a leader in ethical fashion in Australia.

Sorella Organics proudly holds various certifications in its supply chain:

  • Factory: GOTS, WRAP & Oeko-Tex
  • Fabric: GOTS, Flo Cert (Fairtrade), Oeko-Tex, ISO 9001:2009, UKAS, & Intertek

Evaluating Sustainability: The “Planet” Rating

Sorella Organics places environmental responsibility at the forefront of its mission. Garnering a “Good” rating in our comprehensive “Planet” evaluation, the brand integrates factors like carbon emissions, wastewater management, and circular business models. 

A standout feature is Sorella Organics’ commitment to lower-impact materials, notably organic cotton, mitigating the adverse effects associated with conventional cotton production.

The brand’s conscious decision to limit production runs minimises waste and underscores a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, fostering a sustainable approach.

However, there is room for growth, with potential improvements in energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions.

Valuing Workers’ Rights: The “People” Rating

At Sorella Organics, a dedication to the welfare and rights of workers defines its ethos. In our “People” rating, the brand is acknowledged with an “It’s a Start” rating, signaling an ongoing improvement journey. Significant strides have been made, with certifications from Fairtrade International, GOTS for organic cotton, and WRAP validating much of the supply chain. 

While transparency is enhanced through supply chain tracing, the absence of a formal Code of Conduct leaves an opportunity for further articulation of the brand’s expectations on workers’ rights and ethical practices. Ensuring living wages for workers remains an area that needs clarity and is vital for promoting fair living standards.

Promoting Animal Welfare: The “Animals” Rating

Sorella Organics champions ethical practices in animal welfare reflected in a stellar “Great” rating in our “Animals” assessment. The brand proudly embraces a fully vegan product range, safeguarding animals from harm and aligning seamlessly with the rising demand for ethical and sustainable fashion.

Traceability ensures that customers can be assured that no animals were adversely affected in creating their wardrobe staples.

Overall Rating: “Good”

Upon meticulously reviewing publicly available information, Sorella Organics earns an overall “Good” rating for its sustainability endeavors. While excelling in material choices and dedication to animal welfare, opportunities for enhancement lie in areas such as energy efficiency, workers’ rights, and the formalization of a Code of Conduct.

Sorella Organics stands as a fashion brand and a beacon, proving that sustainability and style are symbiotic. Choosing Sorella Organics empowers consumers to influence the environment, workers’ rights, and animal welfare positively.

Join the Movement Towards a Sustainable Future

Support the vanguard of sustainable fashion by choosing Sorella Organics. Join the movement that prioritizes the well-being of people, animals, and the planet, making conscious strides toward a more sustainable and compassionate future. 


  1. Is Sorella Organics completely vegan?

Yes, Sorella Organics proudly maintains an entirely vegan product range, free from animal-derived materials.

  1. What contributes to Sorella Organics’ “Good” planet rating?

The brand’s use of lower-impact materials, especially organic cotton, and efforts to minimize production waste contribute to its “Good” rating in our “Planet” evaluation.

  1. How does Sorella Organics ensure workers’ rights?

Sorella Organics takes significant steps by obtaining certifications from Fairtrade International, GOTS, and WRAP, ensuring transparency through supply chain tracing.

  1. Does Sorella Organics pay living wages to workers in its supply chain?

It’s unclear whether Sorella Organics ensures living wages, an area where the brand could improve, promoting fair standards of living for workers.

  1. Are Sorella Organics’ practices environmentally friendly?

Yes, with a “Good” planet rating, Sorella Organics prioritizes eco-friendly practices, such as limiting production runs to minimize waste and using organic cotton.

  1. Is there a Code of Conduct in place for Sorella Organics?

There needs to be evidence of a formal Code of Conduct to clarify the brand’s expectations regarding workers’ rights.

  1. Why does Sorella Organics focus on vegan fashion?

Sorella Organics emphasizes vegan fashion to align with its commitment to cruelty-free practices and to cater to the growing demand for ethical and sustainable choices.

  1. Where does Sorella Organics excel in sustainability?

Sorella Organics excels in using eco-friendly materials, committing to animal welfare, and maintaining a vegan product range, setting a commendable example for sustainable fashion. 

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