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SPELL Sustainability Evaluation: A Deep Dive into Environmental and Ethical Practices

SPELL, a brand dedicated to sustainability, undergoes a comprehensive evaluation, particularly in environmental impact, workers’ rights, and animal welfare. The “Good” rating in the “Planet” assessment reflects the brand’s eco-conscious practices, while its commitment to lower-impact materials and waste reduction aligns with sustainable production principles.

Key Takeaways:

  • SPELL achieves a “Good” rating in the “Planet” evaluation, emphasizing its commitment to environmental responsibility.
  • The brand utilizes lower-impact materials, mainly organic cotton, contributing to reduced chemical and water usage.
  • SPELL actively minimizes waste by reusing textile offcuts, aligning with circular production principles.
  • In the “People” evaluation, SPELL attains a “Good” rating, demonstrating its dedication to workers’ rights and ethical labor practices.
  • Various certifications, including BSCI, GOTS, SMETA, SA8000, WFTO, and WRAP, underscore SPELL’s commitment to workers’ well-being.


Spell, a Byron Bay-based label, caters to free-spirited and creative women crafting luxurious pieces embodying bohemian fashion’s carefree essence. Spell’s collections are designed for those seeking effortless style with inspiring silhouettes and beautiful details, from printed maxi dresses to boho styles and festival outfits. Their timeless and feminine maxi dresses make you the queen of bohemian fashion.

Their conscious approach is evident in their fabric selections. With a focus on natural materials, they prefer Linen, Rayon, Cotton, and, most recently, Tencel derived from wood pulp while avoiding using synthetics. Operating with sustainability in mind, they produce in limited quantities, offering only a few collections each year to prevent overproduction.

Regarding packaging, they prioritize the environment by using biodegradable and compostable materials. Orders are wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and enclosed in 100% home-compostable mailing satchels. These satchels can easily be added to home compost or reused for return orders and various purposes.

For their La Boheme Girls pieces, they opt for 100% cotton drawstring bags that serve multiple purposes. These bags are not just for packaging; they can be repurposed for shoes, fruits, and veggies, storage, or as the perfect cosmetic bag. Their commitment to eco-friendly choices extends from fabric to packaging, reflecting a thoughtful and sustainable approach.

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Lower-Impact Materials: A Pillar of Sustainability:

SPELL’s commendable rating is rooted in its conscientious use of lower-impact materials, with a particular focus on organic cotton. This strategic choice not only elevates the quality of its products but also significantly curtails the deployment of chemicals, water, and wastewater in its supply chain. The brand’s resolute commitment to these materials is a pivotal stride towards lessening its environmental footprint.

Waste Reduction: Stitching Sustainability Into Every Fiber:

Beyond material selection, SPELL implements proactive measures to minimize waste, showcasing a dedication to circular production. By repurposing textile offcuts, the brand ensures that valuable materials find new life rather than face unnecessary discarding. This waste reduction strategy aligns seamlessly with a sustainable and circular vision for production.

Workers’ Rights: A Commitment to Ethical Practices:

SPELL secures a “Good” rating in our comprehensive evaluation of “People,” underscoring the brand’s commitment to workers’ rights. In-depth policies and practices address critical issues such as child labor, gender equality, and living wages. Much of SPELL’s supply chain holds certifications from esteemed organizations, ensuring a robust framework that aligns with international labor standards.

Animal Welfare: Initiating Progress in the “Animals” Realm:

SPELL takes a noteworthy step in the direction of animal welfare, securing an “It’s a Start” rating. While the brand incorporates certain animal-derived materials, such as leather, exotic animal hair, silk, and pearls, it refrains from using down, fur, angora, or exotic animal skins. SPELL’s utilization of Responsible Wool Standard-certified wool further demonstrates its commitment to responsible sourcing practices.


Is SPELL a sustainable brand?

SPELL has been awarded a “Good” rating in our comprehensive “Planet” evaluation, underscoring its commitment to sustainability. This rating reflects the brand’s emphasis on robust environmental policies, incorporating lower-impact materials, and a proactive approach to waste reduction.

What materials does SPELL use to minimize its environmental impact?

SPELL strategically employs a medium proportion of lower-impact materials, significantly focusing on organic cotton. This intentional choice enhances the quality of its products and actively contributes to reducing chemical, water, and wastewater usage in its supply chain.

How does SPELL ensure ethical labor practices in its supply chain?

SPELL demonstrates a strong commitment to workers’ rights through certifications from prominent organizations such as BSCI, GOTS, SMETA, SA8000, WFTO, and WRAP. These certifications testify to the brand’s dedication to maintaining ethical labor practices throughout its supply chain.

Does SPELL pay living wages to its workers?

While SPELL adheres to a comprehensive Code of Conduct, it currently lacks clarity on whether the brand ensures workers receive living wages. Further transparency in this aspect could enhance the brand’s commitment to fair labor practices.

How does SPELL address animal welfare in its products?

SPELL has received an “It’s a Start” rating in our “Animals” evaluation, showcasing initial efforts towards animal welfare. The brand avoids certain materials, and its utilization of Responsible Wool Standard-certified wool indicates a commitment to responsible sourcing practices.

What certifications does SPELL hold for workers’ rights?

SPELL’s supply chain boasts certifications from various reputable organizations, including BSCI, GOTS, SMETA, SA8000, WFTO, and WRAP. These certifications ensure the brand adheres to stringent standards, safeguarding workers’ rights across its supply chain.

Is SPELL actively reducing waste in its production process?

Yes, SPELL actively addresses waste reduction in its production process by repurposing textile offcuts. This practice showcases a commitment to circular production principles, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible approach.

What is SPELL’s overall sustainability rating?

SPELL garners a “Good” overall sustainability rating, recognizing its commendable efforts in environmental responsibility, ethical labor practices, and waste reduction. While there is room for improvement, SPELL’s commitment to transparency and sustainability positions it as a brand dedicated to making positive strides in the realm of responsible fashion. 


SPELL emerges as a brand dedicated to sustainability, earning a “Good” rating overall. The brand’s commendable efforts in environmental responsibility, ethical labor practices, and waste reduction make it a promising choice for consumers seeking a conscientious fashion option. While there are areas for improvement, SPELL’s commitment to transparency and sustainability positions it as a brand worth supporting

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