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Tomorrow Denim: A Sustainable Approach to Fashion

When it comes to sustainability in the fashion industry, Tomorrow Denim is a brand that stands out. With their commitment to environmental awareness, workers’ rights, and animal welfare, Tomorrow Denim has earned a great reputation in the industry. Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors that contribute to their high ratings and make them a leader in sustainable fashion.


Tomorrow Denim takes their environmental impact seriously. They prioritize the use of lower-impact materials, including organic cotton, which helps limit the chemicals, water, and wastewater in their supply chain. By opting for materials that have a lower environmental footprint, Tomorrow Denim sets the bar high for other fashion brands.

In addition to using sustainable materials, Tomorrow Denim also takes action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the manufacturing process. This commitment to minimizing their carbon footprint shows their dedication to combating climate change and creating a more sustainable future.

Furthermore, Tomorrow Denim understands the importance of waste reduction. They take steps to minimize waste by reusing some of their textile offcuts, ensuring that valuable resources are not wasted. Additionally, the brand recycles water to reduce water use in their supply chain, furthering their efforts to conserve this precious resource.


Another important aspect of sustainability is the treatment of workers in the supply chain. Tomorrow Denim has made workers’ rights a top priority and has taken several measures to ensure fair and ethical practices.

They have obtained certifications such as Business Social Compliance Initiative Code of Conduct (BSCI) and Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) to guarantee that their supply chain meets internationally recognized standards. This commitment to certification and transparency is commendable and shows their dedication to creating a fair and safe working environment.

Furthermore, Tomorrow Denim traces most of its supply chain and regularly audits its suppliers. This level of transparency allows them to identify potential issues and address them promptly, ensuring that workers are treated fairly throughout the supply chain.

While Tomorrow Denim has made significant strides in workers’ rights, there is room for improvement. There is no evidence that they ensure workers are paid living wages in their supply chain. However, their commitment to transparency and continuous improvement suggests that they will likely address this issue in the future.


In addition to their commitment to the environment and workers’ rights, Tomorrow Denim also pays attention to animal welfare. While they do not use animal-derived materials in their products, they do not claim to be a vegan brand. This transparency allows consumers to make informed choices based on their individual preferences and values.

Tomorrow Denim’s dedication to animal welfare is further demonstrated by their efforts to trace animal-derived products. By providing visibility into their supply chain, they ensure that consumers who prioritize animal welfare can make informed purchasing decisions.

Overall Rating

Based on the available information, Tomorrow Denim has earned a “Good” rating overall. Their commitment to sustainability in all aspects of their business, from the environment to workers’ rights and animal welfare, sets them apart from many other fashion brands. While there is always room for improvement, Tomorrow Denim is leading the way in creating a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry.

If you are looking for stylish, high-quality denim while also caring for the planet, Tomorrow Denim is a brand that you can trust. Their dedication to sustainability and transparency ensures that you can feel good about the clothes you wear and the impact they have on the world.

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