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At the forefront of the sustainability movement is a brand called Tree of Life. As a leading blog dedicated to highlighting and promoting sustainable practices, we have evaluated Tree of Life based on its environmental policies, workers’ rights, and animal welfare practices. Unfortunately, Tree of Life has been rated as “Not Good Enough” in both the “Planet” and “People” categories, but it has shown promise in the “Animals” category, where it received an “It’s a Start” rating.

The Planet Rating

The “Planet” rating assesses brands based on their environmental policies and practices in their supply chains. While Tree of Life uses some lower-impact materials, such as recycled materials, there is no evidence that it is taking significant action to reduce water use. Similarly, there is no evidence of minimizing textile waste in its supply chain. However, it does use low-impact dyes in some of its products, indicating a commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

The People Rating

When it comes to workers’ rights, Tree of Life has been rated as “Not Good Enough” in the “People” rating. Although its Code of Conduct covers the International Labour Organization’s Four Fundamental Freedoms principles, there is no evidence that it ensures workers are paid living wages in its supply chain. However, Tree of Life does partly trace its supply chain up to the final production stage and conducts audits in some parts of its supply chain. While these efforts are commendable, more needs to be done to improve workers’ rights within the brand’s supply chain.

The Animals Rating

Tree of Life has shown promise in the “Animals” rating, receiving an “It’s a Start” rating. The brand uses few animal-derived materials in its products and does not appear to use wool, down, fur, angora, exotic animal skin, or exotic animal hair. However, there is evidence that Tree of Life uses leather in some of its products. While the brand has taken steps to minimize its use of animal-derived materials, there is still room for improvement in terms of fully tracing its animal-derived products.

Overall Rating

Based on our assessment of Tree of Life using publicly available information, we have given them an overall rating of “It’s a Start.” This rating reflects the brand’s mixed performance in the three categories we evaluate. However, it is important to note that Tree of Life has shown some commitment to sustainability by using recycled materials, low-impact dyes, and minimizing its use of animal-derived materials. Nevertheless, there is still work to be done, particularly in terms of water use reduction, minimizing textile waste, ensuring living wages in the supply chain, and fully tracing animal-derived products.

As a leading blog focused on sustainability, we encourage Tree of Life to continue improving its practices and policies to achieve a higher rating in the future. By addressing the identified areas of improvement, the brand can further demonstrate its commitment to the environment, workers’ rights, and animal welfare.

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