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Triarchy is a brand that is making strides in sustainability. With their focus on environmental policies, they have earned themselves a “Great” rating in our “Planet” category. One of the key factors influencing their score is their use of lower-impact materials, including recycled materials. By using these materials, Triarchy is helping to limit the chemicals, water, and wastewater in their supply chain.

Triarchy also takes steps to minimize waste by recycling all of their textile offcuts. This not only reduces their overall waste, but also helps to create a more circular product lifecycle. Additionally, they have implemented a closed-loop system to reduce water use in their supply chain. By implementing these practices, Triarchy is demonstrating their commitment to being environmentally responsible.

When it comes to workers’ rights, Triarchy has room for improvement. In our “People” rating, which evaluates brands’ policies and practices related to workers’ rights, Triarchy has received an “It’s a Start” rating. While their Code of Conduct does cover the International Labor Organization’s Four Fundamental Freedoms principles, there is no evidence to suggest that they ensure workers are paid living wages in their supply chain.

However, Triarchy does take steps to trace most of their supply chain and also visits their suppliers regularly. These practices show that they are actively engaging with their suppliers and are committed to maintaining ethical standards within their supply chain.

When it comes to animal welfare, Triarchy has received a “Great” rating in our “Animals” category. PETA has listed the brand as vegan, indicating that they do not use any animal-derived products in their manufacturing process. For those consumers who are concerned about animal welfare, Triarchy is a brand that they can trust.

Based on all the publicly available information we have reviewed, we rate Triarchy as “Great” overall. Their commitment to using lower-impact materials and implementing environmentally responsible practices sets them apart as a sustainable brand. While they have room for improvement in terms of workers’ rights, Triarchy is taking steps in the right direction and has the potential to make a positive impact on both the planet and the people involved in their supply chain.

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