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U-MASK: A Closer Look at Sustainability Ratings

When it comes to sustainability, assessing brands based on their environmental, social, and animal welfare practices is crucial. Our “Planet” rating looks at how brands stack up when it comes to factors such as carbon emissions, water usage, and product circularity. U-MASK has received a rating of “Good” in this category, thanks to its use of lower-impact materials, including recycled materials, and its use of Forest Stewardship Council certified packaging.

On the social front, our “People” rating evaluates brands on their treatment of workers, including issues such as child labor, living wages, and gender equality. U-MASK has been rated as “It’s a Start” in this category. While the brand does have some positive practices in place, such as having part of its final production stage certified by the Fair Wear Foundation and tracing some of its supply chain, there are areas where it still has room for improvement. For example, there’s no evidence of a formal Code of Conduct, and it’s unclear whether workers in its supply chain are paid living wages.

When it comes to animal welfare, our “Animals” rating looks at whether brands use animal-derived materials and how well they trace these products in their supply chains. U-MASK has received a rating of “Good” in this category. While the brand does not appear to use animal-derived materials, it doesn’t claim to be a vegan brand either.

Overall Assessment

Based on the information we’ve reviewed, U-MASK has been rated as “Good” overall. While the brand has some positive practices in place, especially in terms of using lower-impact materials and being mindful of animal welfare, there are areas where it could further improve its sustainability efforts. By focusing on areas such as energy use reduction, greenhouse gas emissions, worker compensation, and clearly defining its stance on animal welfare, U-MASK has the potential to enhance its sustainability profile and work towards a more positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants.

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