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US Blanks is a brand that focuses on sustainability in its supply chain. The brand has been rated as “It’s a Start” according to our Planet rating. This rating evaluates brands based on their environmental policies, including carbon emissions, wastewater, business models, and product circularity. In this article, we will further explore the factors that influenced US Blanks’ rating and the efforts they have made towards sustainability.

Environmental Policies

US Blanks uses some lower-impact materials, including organic cotton. This is a positive step towards reducing the environmental impact of their products. However, there is no evidence that the brand takes action to minimize its packaging, which is a significant driver of plastic waste. Additionally, there is no evidence that US Blanks minimizes textile waste in its supply chain. These factors have slightly affected their rating.

One notable effort made by US Blanks is manufacturing its products closer to home. By reducing the distance of shipping, the brand aims to reduce the climate impact associated with long-distance transportation. This shows their commitment to minimizing their carbon footprint.

Workers’ Rights

Workers’ rights play a crucial role in our People rating, which assesses brands’ policies and practices related to child labor, living wages, and gender equality. US Blanks has been rated as “It’s a Start” in this category.

The final production stage of US Blanks’ products takes place in the USA, which is categorized as a medium risk country for labor abuse. This means that there is a possibility of labor rights violations in their supply chain. Some steps have been taken by the brand to trace their supply chain, including all of the final production stage. However, there is no evidence that US Blanks ensures workers are paid living wages in their supply chain. This is an area where the brand can make further improvements.

Animal Welfare

The focus of our Animals rating is on brands’ animal welfare policies and their efforts to trace animal-derived products. US Blanks has been rated as “Good” in this category. Although the brand doesn’t appear to use animal-derived materials, they do not claim to be a vegan brand. This means that they may have products that include animal-derived materials, but they have made efforts towards transparency by not using such materials.

Overall Rating

Based on all publicly available information that we have reviewed, we rate US Blanks as “It’s a Start” overall. The brand has taken some steps towards sustainability, such as using lower-impact materials and manufacturing their products closer to home. However, there are areas where they can make further improvements, such as minimizing packaging and ensuring workers are paid living wages. We hope that US Blanks continues to work towards a more sustainable future and strives to improve its rating in the future.

In conclusion, US Blanks is a brand that has made efforts towards sustainability in its supply chain. While there is room for improvement, the brand’s commitment to using lower-impact materials and manufacturing closer to home is commendable. By addressing the areas for improvement, US Blanks has the potential to become a leader in sustainability and set an example for other brands in the industry.

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