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Wildflo Studio is a brand that is making waves in the sustainability world. With a great environment rating, this brand is committed to making a positive impact on the planet.

One of the ways that Wildflo Studio is leading the charge in sustainability is by using a high proportion of eco-friendly materials in its products. This includes the use of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton, which is certified organic and ensures that no harmful chemicals or pesticides are used during the production process. By using eco-friendly materials, Wildflo Studio is able to limit the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater that are used, reducing its overall environmental footprint.

Another key aspect of Wildflo Studio’s commitment to sustainability is its limited production run. This means that the brand produces a smaller quantity of products, with a focus on quality over quantity. By doing this, Wildflo Studio is able to minimize textile waste, as it only produces what is necessary. This approach not only reduces waste but also helps to conserve valuable resources.

When it comes to the brand’s labor rating, Wildflo Studio also excels. The brand’s facilities are certified by Fairtrade International – Small Producers Organizations, ensuring fair and ethical working conditions. This means that the workers who create Wildflo Studio’s products are treated fairly and are paid a living wage. By tracing most of its supply chain, the brand also takes steps to ensure transparency and accountability throughout its production process.

One notable aspect of Wildflo Studio is its commitment to being animal-friendly. While the brand’s products are generally free of animal materials, its impact on animals has not been specifically rated. However, it’s clear that Wildflo Studio is conscious of the materials it uses and strives to create products that are cruelty-free.

Overall, Wildflo Studio is making a positive impact on the world with its sustainable practices. With a focus on eco-friendly materials, limited production runs, fair labor practices, and an animal-friendly approach, this brand is leading the way in sustainability. We have rated Wildflo Studio as ‘Good’ based on information from our own research, and it’s clear that this brand is dedicated to making a difference.

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