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Zulu & Zephyr is a brand that is making waves in the fashion industry for its commitment to sustainability. With an environment rating of ‘it’s a start’, Zulu & Zephyr is making efforts to use eco-friendly materials, including recycled materials, in its production processes. This not only helps reduce its climate impact but also limits the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used. While there is no evidence that Zulu & Zephyr is actively minimizing textile waste, its use of eco-friendly materials is a step in the right direction.

Labour Practices

Zulu & Zephyr’s labour rating is also ‘it’s a start’. The brand has a Code of Conduct that covers all of the ILO Four Fundamental Freedoms principles, ensuring fair and safe working conditions for its employees. However, it is unclear whether Zulu & Zephyr ensures payment of a living wage in its supply chain. While the brand traces some of its supply chain and audits some of its suppliers, more transparency is needed to ensure full accountability in its labour practices.

Animal Welfare

In terms of animal welfare, Zulu & Zephyr has a good rating. The brand has a formal animal welfare policy aligned with the Five Freedoms. This means that Zulu & Zephyr does not use materials such as leather, wool, down, angora, exotic animal hair, or exotic animal skin in its products. By avoiding the use of these materials, Zulu & Zephyr is contributing to the ethical treatment of animals in the fashion industry.

Overall Rating

Zulu & Zephyr has an overall rating of ‘Good’ for its sustainability efforts. While there are areas for improvement, such as minimizing textile waste and ensuring a living wage in its supply chain, Zulu & Zephyr is on the right track. The brand’s commitment to using eco-friendly materials and its formal animal welfare policy are commendable. With continued efforts and more transparency in its practices, Zulu & Zephyr has the potential to become a leader in sustainable fashion.


Zulu & Zephyr is a brand that is making positive strides towards sustainability in the fashion industry. With its use of eco-friendly materials and commitment to animal welfare, Zulu & Zephyr is setting an example for other brands to follow. While there is still room for improvement, Zulu & Zephyr’s ‘Good’ overall rating is a testament to its dedication to creating a more sustainable future. By supporting brands like Zulu & Zephyr, consumers can make a difference and contribute to a more ethical and environmentally-friendly fashion industry.

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