Electric trucks are no longer just a vision for the future. With their powerful engines, impressive batteries powered by lithium, and zero emissions, they are redefining the transportation industry. But with so many brands on the market, it can be a challenge to know which ones truly stand out.

To help you navigate this rapidly evolving landscape, we have rounded up the 6 best electric truck brands to consider.

From Ford to Rivian to BYD, each of these brands offers unique features that make them worthy of your attention.

Read on and discover the key advantages of these industry leaders and why they are set to dominate the electric truck market in the near future!

Key Takeaways

  • Electric trucks are becoming increasingly popular, offering a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional gas-powered vehicles.
  • Ford’s F-150 Lightning is a game-changer in the electric truck market, offering impressive towing capabilities and a high range of 300 miles per charge.
  • General Motors’ GMC Hummer EV stands out for its outstanding design, performance, and commitment to future electric models.
  • BYD is an innovative and eco-friendly Chinese company known for its top-notch electric trucks like the ETP-3, which offers excellent cargo space and reliable performance.
  • Rivian is revolutionizing the electric vehicle industry with its flagship R1T model, boasting an impressive range, sleek design, and excellent performance.
  • Stellantis (Ram) is making waves in the electric truck industry with the upcoming Ram 1500 REV. This powerful yet efficient vehicle is expected to offer a range of over 500 miles per charge.
  • Tesla’s forthcoming Cybertruck model is set to redefine the electric truck market with its unique design, impressive acceleration, and high towing capacity.


Ford Truck

Ford’s driving into the future with electric vehicles. You’ve likely heard about this, particularly about their electric trucks. The all-electric Ford F-150 Lightning is a shining example of this commitment.

Take a look at the Ford F-150 Lightning. It’s not just a simple makeover of the classic F-150. No, this full-on electric beast is pushing the electric vehicle game to new levels. With a dual motor setup, it offers four-wheel drive, which means it’s just as handy off-road as it’s cruising city streets.

One of the standout features? It’s towing capability. This electric warrior can pull up to 10,000 pounds! That’s a staggering achievement for an electric ride. 

Plus, with an estimated 300 miles per charge, the Ford F-150 Lightning isn’t just powerful. It’s practical for those longer trips, too.

Ford’s F-150 Lightning is changing the game for electric trucks. If you’re impressed by all-electric vehicles’ benefits, you can’t ignore Ford.

Vehicle NameFord F-150 Lightning
Starting Price$55,974
Maximum Towing Capacity10,000 lbs.
Max. Payload2,000 lbs.
Seating Capacity5
Cargo Capacity (cubic feet)52.8 ft³
Curb Weight6,855 lbs.
Battery size131 kWh
MPGe68 combined 76 city 60 highway
RangeUp to 300 miles

General Motors

General Motors Truck

Image Credit: GM Authority

Think electric trucks, think General Motors. Why? Because they’re crushing it in the electric vehicle industry. They’re not just making electric cars, though. They’re focusing on electric pickup trucks. 

Their GMC Hummer EV is proof of their commitment. It’s one of the best electric trucks out there.

Here’s why General Motors should be on your radar when looking for electric truck brands:

  1. Awe-Inspiring Design: The GMC Hummer EV is a head-turner. It’s rugged yet sleek. Powerful, yet efficient. It’s a blend of looks and practicality that stands out in the crowd and delivers on its promise.
  2. Peak Performance: General Motors doesn’t skimp on performance. The GMC Hummer EV is a beast. It’s got acceleration that’ll impress, off-road capability that’ll amaze, and towing capacity that’ll blow you away. It’s one of the top electric trucks on the market.
  3. Ready for the Future: General Motors is all-in on electric. They’re planning for the future with more electric models. They’re committed to contributing to a carbon-neutral world.
Vehicle NameGMC Hummer EV SUV
Starting Price$79,995
Maximum Towing Capacity7,500 pounds
Max. Payload1,300 pounds
Seating Capacity5
Cargo Capacity (cubic feet)35.9 ft³
Curb WeightApprox. 9,063 lbs
DrivetrainAWD (All-Wheel Drive)
Battery size246 kWh
MPGe47 MPGe combined, 51 MPGe city, 43 MPGe highway
Range290 miles


BYD Truck

Image Credit: bydtrucks.com 

Searching for an innovative and eco-friendly brand? Look no further than BYD. This trailblazing Chinese company is renowned for crafting top-notch electric vehicles. Their footprint in the market is growing, especially with their high-quality electric trucks tailored for both business and personal use.

If you need more space to carry your items around, consider the BYD ETP-3 electric truck. It might be a perfect choice when you’re aiming to reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on functionality. This spacious, electric-powered vehicle offers impressive cargo space and reliable performance, all while ensuring you contribute positively to solving environmental issues.

Beyond trucks, BYD also excels in the production of cutting-edge transport vehicles. The BYD Class 8-day cab is a true testament to their engineering prowess. This electric transport vehicle is designed for efficiency and durability, making it an ideal choice for those in the logistics and transportation industry. 

Additionally, BYD’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its product line. The company’s manufacturing processes are also eco-friendly, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Vehicle NameETP3 Van
Starting PriceStarting at €30,000
Maximum Towing Capacity1,000 lbs
Max. Payload2,000 lbs
Charging time8 hours (standard charger)
DrivetrainAWD (All-Wheel Drive)
Battery size50 kWh
RangeUp to 180 miles


Rivian truck

Image Credit: Inside EVs

Looking for the perfect electric truck? Don’t miss out on Rivian. This brand is shaking things up in the electric vehicle world. Their flagship, the Rivian R1T model, is making quite a splash in the realm of electric pickups.

What makes Rivian trucks special? They’re 100% electric. They sport an electric powertrain that’s friendly to the environment and mighty and efficient. So, why should you give Rivian a second look?

Let’s break it down into three easy-to-digest reasons:

  1. Style Meets Function: Rivian trucks are sleek and modern. But they don’t just look good; they’re built for purpose, too. They’re bound to turn heads, not just for their looks but for their practicality as well.
  2. Top-Notch Performance: Rivian trucks aren’t just pretty faces. They’re built for action. They impress with their acceleration, handling, and towing power. These are all essential factors when shopping for a truck.
  3. Long-Lasting Charge: Rivian’s electric powertrain offers an impressive range on a single charge. This makes it a reliable option for those extended road trips.

When diving into the electric truck market, Rivian’s technical know-how, market savvy, and spirit of innovation make it a brand worth your time. Don’t just take our word for it; see for yourself!

Vehicle NameRivian R1T
Starting Price$73,000
Maximum Towing Capacity11,000 lbs
Max. Payload1,760 lbs
Seating Capacity5
Cargo Capacity (cubic feet)68
Curb Weight6,949 lb
Battery size105, 135 or 180 kWh
MPGe70 MPGe combined, 74 MPGe city, 66 MPGe highway
Range341 miles

Stellantis (Ram)

Stellantis (Ram)

Image Credit: motortrend.com

Stellantis, the international car-making giant, has been making waves in the electric truck industry. Ram, traditionally known for its gas-powered light trucks, unveiled a new and exciting green contender – Ram 1500 REV.

The 2024 Ram 1500 REV is as powerful and efficient as it is. If you want a pickup that delivers on performance and is kind to the planet, then this Ram vehicle might be your go-to. 

Here’s a sneak peek at what this beast is supposed to deliver:

Estimated Range per Charge500 miles or more
Range with Fast Charging100 miles (10 minutes charging)
Adjustable Air SuspensionAvailable
PriceAnticipated to start at $55,000
Towing Capacity>10,000 lbs

If this truck turns out to be as good as it is believed, it could be a true game changer for environmentally-minded light truck enthusiasts.


Tesla cyber truck

Image Credit: evcompare.io

The honorary place on this list of top electric vehicle manufacturers goes to Tesla -an icon in the realm of electric transportation. Although they haven’t yet released their EV truck, they have a strong contender for the EV market with their upcoming Cybertruck model.

Tesla’s future flagship truck, the Cybertruck, pushes the boundaries of conventional design with its unique, angular appearance.

But don’t be fooled by its good looks. The Cybertruck has got some serious muscle. The single-motor rear-wheel drive version can hit 60 mph from a standstill in less than 6.5 seconds. 

Thanks to its powerful electric motor and sizeable battery pack, the top AWD version is supposed to reach 60 mph in under 3 seconds! Towing is also not a problem for this vehicle – if power is what you’re after, the dual-motor all-wheel drive model can pull more than 10,000 lbs.

Model NameTri-Motor AWD Tesla Cybertruck
Range500+ miles
Acceleration0-60 mph in <2.9 seconds
DriveAll-Wheel Drive
Towing Capacity14,000+ lbs
Payload3,500 lbs
Vault Length6.5 ft
Storage Capacity100 cubic feet
Adaptive Air SuspensionStandard
Ground ClearanceUp to 16″
Approach Angle35 degrees
Departure Angle28 degrees
Body MaterialUltra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless steel
Armor GlassTesla armor glass
Seating CapacityUp to 6 adults
Onboard CompressorIncluded
ChargingCompatible with Tesla Superchargers, supports 250kW V3 Supercharging
PriceStarts at $69,900

For now, we can only eagerly anticipate the arrival of Tesla’s Cybertruck. It promises to be an exciting addition to their impressive lineup, which already includes the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. But when it finally comes to market, there’s no doubt the Cybertruck will make a big impact – both on its users and on the electric vehicle industry as a whole.


The electric truck market is thriving, offering diverse options to cater to every driver’s needs, whether it’s robust horsepower, impressive towing capacity, extensive range, or an eco-friendly alternative. 

The future of transportation is unmistakably electric, and industry leaders like Ford, General Motors, BYD, Rivian, Stellantis (Ram), and soon, Tesla, are spearheading this revolution. Seize the opportunity now to explore the finest electric pickup trucks and become part of the ongoing transformation in the automobile industry!

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