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Assessing Anekdot’s Sustainability: A Comprehensive Review

This exploration delves into Anekdot‘s environmental and social commitments, examining the brand’s practices that contribute to sustainability.

 From eco-friendly materials and waste reduction to considerations for workers’ rights and animal welfare, join us in dissecting the various facets of Anekdot’s journey towards creating a positive impact on the planet and its inhabitants. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Anekdot earns a “Great” rating for its environmental policies, emphasizing using lower-impact and recycled materials.
  • The brand limits production runs and avoids plastic packaging to minimize waste and environmental impact.
  • Anekdot focuses on reducing climate impact by manufacturing products closer to home, contributing to a lower carbon footprint.
  • In the “People” category, Anekdot receives an “It’s a Start” rating, particularly for its final production stage in the low to medium-risk region of the European Union.
  • To enhance its “People” rating, Anekdot is encouraged to ensure living wages for workers and implement a formal Code of Conduct.

About Anekdot

Anekdot’s Founder and Designer, Sofie, brings a wealth of experience from her fashion education in Italy and works in London’s sustainable fashion scene. Born and raised in Sweden, Sofie’s journey led her to realize the need for a drastic shift in the fashion industry. Her diverse background, from retail to brand management and vintage archives, highlighted the industry’s exploitation of people and nature.

Driven by a passion for vintage treasures and a lack of lingerie that resonated with her, Sofie launched Anekdot as a personal project upon relocating to Berlin. Since 2015, the brand has been intricately designed based on Sofie’s needs, preferences, ethics, and intuition. Anekdot embraces an intimate connection with precious materials overlooked by the fashion industry, collaborating with talented creatives to shape its identity.

Anekdot is committed to continuous improvements, aiming to reduce its impact, give back to the environment, and empower its makers. The brand believes in the power of small actions coming together to create something great. As a part of Anekdot’s journey, you contribute to these positive changes. Thank you for being here. 

Anekdot’s Environmental and Social Commitments

The Anekdot brand has earned a commendable “Great” rating in our “Planet” assessment, emphasizing its dedication to environmentally conscious practices in the supply chain. 

Anekdot stands out by incorporating a substantial amount of lower-impact and recycled materials while actively striving to utilize low-impact alternatives, minimizing the environmental footprint associated with chemical, water, and wastewater use. 

The brand’s commitment to waste reduction is evident through limited production runs and a conscious decision to avoid plastic packaging.

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Environmental Practices and Climate Impact

In addition to its sustainability focus, Anekdot takes significant measures to reduce the climate impact of its products. By manufacturing closer to home, the brand mitigates emissions related to long-distance shipping, effectively lowering its carbon footprint. This approach aligns with Anekdot’s vision of contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Labor Practices and Workers’ Rights

Anekdot’s dedication to treating workers is reflected in its “It’s a Start” rating in our “People” assessment. Regular supplier visits ensure oversight during the final production stage in the low- to medium-risk European Union region. 

Despite concrete evidence for a formal Code of Conduct, Anekdot emphasizes workers’ rights. To elevate its “People” rating, Anekdot is encouraged to ensure living wages, implement a formal Code of Conduct, and actively work towards gender equality, fostering a positive environment for all involved in the production process.

Animal Welfare Considerations

In our “Animals” rating, Anekdot, predominantly free of animal-derived materials, avoids a significant impact on animals in its supply chain. Emphasizing the importance of responsible sourcing and traceability, Anekdot showcases a conscious approach to animal welfare policies.


Is Anekdot a sustainable brand?

Anekdot is a sustainable brand, proudly holding a “Great” rating for its robust environmental policies, with a specific focus on using eco-friendly materials and a commitment to waste reduction.

How does Anekdot reduce its climate impact?

Anekdot actively minimizes its climate impact by strategically manufacturing its products closer to home. This approach significantly reduces emissions associated with long-distance shipping, aligning with the brand’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

What is Anekdot’s rating in the “People” category?

In the “People” category, Anekdot earns an “It’s a Start” rating. This designation reflects the brand’s ongoing efforts to address workers’ rights and create positive impacts within its supply chain.

Does Anekdot have a formal Code of Conduct for workers?

While there is no explicit evidence of a formal Code of Conduct, Anekdot takes proactive measures to ensure ethical practices. The brand consistently regularly visits its suppliers, actively monitoring working conditions and fostering a culture of responsibility.

What can Anekdot do to improve its “People” rating?

To elevate its “People” rating, Anekdot can further enhance its commitment to workers’ well-being by ensuring the payment of living wages and implementing a formal Code of Conduct. These steps would reinforce ethical practices within its supply chain.

How does Anekdot address animal welfare?

Anekdot demonstrates its commitment to animal welfare by generally avoiding animal-derived materials. This conscientious choice contributes to the brand’s positive impact on animals, aligning with its sustainable and ethical principles.


Considering all publicly available information, Anekdot receives a commendable “Good” overall rating, acknowledging its positive contributions to environmental preservation and labor practices. Anekdot’s commitment to sustainable materials, waste reduction, and local manufacturing, coupled with regular supplier engagement, forms the foundation of its positive rating. 

As the journey towards sustainability continues, Anekdot is encouraged to continue refining its labor practices and implementing formal policies and codes of conduct to enhance its positive impact on the global stage. 

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