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Apr│s Studio, a sustainability-focused brand, is making a positive impact in the fashion industry. With a ‘good’ environment rating, the brand is committed to using eco-friendly materials, including recycled materials, in their production. By doing so, Apr│s Studio aims to reduce its climate impact and minimize the use of chemicals, water, and wastewater.

The brand also takes steps to minimize textile waste by implementing a limited production run. This strategy ensures that the brand is not producing excess garments that may end up as waste. By being conscious of their production practices, Apr│s Studio sets an example for other fashion brands to follow.

Although there is no evidence of specific measures taken to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, the brand’s use of eco-friendly materials inherently contributes to a lower carbon footprint. It’s essential for brands like Apr│s Studio to continue exploring ways to further reduce their environmental impact.

When it comes to labor practices, Apr│s Studio is just getting started. While there is no evidence of a formal Code of Conduct, the brand does have a formal statement that covers workers’ rights. This commitment is a step in the right direction, as it demonstrates the brand’s awareness of the importance of ethical labor practices.

Apr│s Studio also traces some of its supply chain, which is a crucial aspect of ensuring transparency and accountability. However, there is no evidence to suggest that the brand ensures payment of a living wage throughout its supply chain. This is an area where the brand can strive for improvement and work towards creating fair and equitable conditions for all workers involved.

In terms of animal welfare, Apr│s Studio is also making progress, albeit at an early stage. While there is no evidence of an official animal welfare policy, the brand avoids using certain materials that are commonly associated with animal cruelty. These materials include leather, down, angora, fur, exotic animal skin, and exotic animal hair. However, the brand does use wool, which raises questions about the source and treatment of the wool used in their products.

Overall, Apr│s Studio is rated ‘Good’ in terms of its sustainability efforts. The brand’s commitment to eco-friendly materials and limited production runs is commendable and sets an example for the fashion industry. However, there is room for improvement in areas such as energy use reduction, labor practices, and animal welfare.

By continuously striving for better practices and embracing transparency, Apr│s Studio can take its sustainability efforts to new heights. It is crucial for brands to not only focus on the end product but also consider the entire supply chain and its impact on the environment, workers, and animals. Apr│s Studio’s ‘Good’ rating is a starting point, but the brand has the potential to become a true leader in sustainability within the fashion industry.

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