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Automic Gold: Shaping Sustainable Jewelry with Style

Automic Gold stands out as a jewelry brand that’s rewriting sustainability rules. With an impressive ‘Great’ rating, Automic Gold places the environment at the forefront of its operations. 

The brand goes above and beyond in incorporating eco-friendly materials, including recycled elements, setting a standard for conscious consumer choices. Not only do they use sustainable materials, but their local manufacturing practices further reduce their carbon footprint.

Key Takeaways

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Automic Gold receives a ‘Great’ rating for prioritizing eco-friendly materials and incorporating recycled elements in its jewelry production.
  • Limited Environmental Impact: Using eco-friendly materials, Automic Gold minimizes its reliance on harmful chemicals, water, and wastewater, setting a positive example in the jewelry industry.
  • In-House Production: The brand’s in-house manufacturing ensures full traceability of its supply chain, even in the final stages of production, reinforcing its commitment to ethical practices.
  • Fair Wage Uncertainty: While Automic Gold controls its production process, ensuring fair wages remains an area for potential improvement. This is crucial for becoming a fully sustainable brand.
  • Animal-Friendly Materials: Automic Gold predominantly uses pearls, which are animal-material-free, making their jewelry an appealing choice for consumers concerned about animal welfare.

About Automic Gold

Automic Gold, a fine jewelry brand owned by members of the queer and trans communities, has a vision of creating jewelry that’s open to everyone, regardless of gender or size. They do this by working with sustainable and long-lasting materials. 

Their jewelry is meticulously handcrafted from recycled solid 14k gold, with diamonds and gemstones from reclaimed or ethically sourced origins. They don’t believe in altering images of models and promote a positive and honest representation of all body types.

Championing Inclusivity and Diversity

Automic Gold takes a strong stance on representation. They consistently hire models of all sizes, non-binary individuals, and people from diverse racial backgrounds throughout the year, not just during particular awareness months.

Reclaimed and Recyclable

Every piece of jewelry by Automic Gold is created from reclaimed gold, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability. Even their packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable.

Independently Funded for Honesty

Unlike some companies, Automic Gold has never accepted funding from outside investors. This means they can maintain their values to please investors. They’re dedicated to offering fair prices without inflated costs or fake discounts. Their goal is to be honest with customers by maintaining reasonable prices year-round.

Automic Gold’s Pioneering Sustainability Initiatives

Automic Gold stands out as a sustainable jewelry brand, earning a ‘great’ rating for its dedicated efforts to prioritize the environment. Their commitment to eco-friendly materials, including recycled resources and local manufacturing, reduces their carbon footprint, appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

Reducing Environmental Impact: Eco-Friendly Materials 

Automic Gold not only embraces eco-friendly materials but also takes measures to limit chemicals, water, and wastewater in its production process. This commitment to sustainable manufacturing is a positive example for the jewelry industry and contributes to minimizing the brand’s environmental impact.

Ethical Labor Practices: The Path Towards Fair Labor

In an industry marked by outsourced production, Automic Gold manufactures its products in-house, ensuring full control over the entire production process. This approach leads to a traceable supply chain, extending to the final stages of production.

While Automic Gold’s labor practices show promise, concerns linger regarding paying a living wage to its workers. This area represents an opportunity for improvement, with the brand having the potential to enhance fair wages and ethical working conditions.

Nurturing Animal Welfare Animal-Friendly Materials

Primarily using pearls in their products, Automic Gold reduces the presence of animal materials. Although their impact on animals remains ungraded, the brand’s consideration for animal welfare makes their jewelry an attractive option for consumers seeking ethical alternatives.

An Overall ‘Good’ Rating Sustainability: Achievements and Room for Growth 

Despite notable achievements in eco-friendliness and labor practices, Automic Gold receives an overall ‘Good’ rating. Their dedication to eco-friendly materials, local production, and a transparent supply chain is commendable. However, there is room for further enhancements in ensuring fair wages and addressing animal welfare concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Automic Gold an environmentally responsible brand?

Yes, Automic Gold is rated ‘Great’ for its commitment to eco-friendly materials and recycling in its jewelry production.

How does Automic Gold minimize its environmental impact?

The brand reduces its reliance on harmful chemicals, water, and wastewater by using eco-friendly materials, demonstrating a dedication to sustainability.

Is Automic Gold transparent about its supply chain?

Automic Gold manufactures its jewelry in-house, ensuring complete supply chain traceability, including the final stages of production.

Does Automic Gold ensure fair wages for its workers?

While Automic Gold has control over production, there is room for improvement in ensuring fair wages for its workers, a crucial step toward becoming a fully sustainable brand.

Is Automic Gold jewelry animal-friendly?

Automic Gold primarily uses pearls, which are free of animal materials, making their jewelry an attractive choice for those concerned about animal welfare.


Automic Gold’s mission to craft sustainable, eco-friendly jewelry reflects a commitment to ethical practices and environmental responsibility. Their local, in-house manufacturing ensures transparency and reduces their carbon footprint. 

While they’ve made great strides in environmental and labor areas, Automic Gold has room for improvement in ensuring fair wages. Nevertheless, they stand as an exemplar in the jewelry industry for their environmentally conscious and ethical approach to creating jewelry with style.

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