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CARIUMA is a brand that is committed to sustainability and making a positive impact on the environment. The brand’s environment rating is ‘good’, which means that they are taking steps to minimize their environmental footprint. One way they do this is by using a medium proportion of eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton. This reduces the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals in the production process.

Another way that CARIUMA promotes sustainability is by auditing their tanneries through the Leather Working Group. This ensures that the leather used in their products is sourced responsibly and meets certain environmental standards. Additionally, CARIUMA reuses some of its offcuts to minimize textile waste, further reducing their impact on the environment.

In terms of water usage, CARIUMA implements water reduction initiatives throughout its supply chain. This helps to conserve water, which is a valuable resource that is often overused in the fashion industry. By implementing these initiatives, CARIUMA is taking steps to become more water-efficient and reduce their overall water consumption.

When it comes to the dyes used in their products, CARIUMA uses Bluesign certified dyes. This certification guarantees that the dyes used are safe for both the environment and the workers involved in the dyeing process. By using Bluesign certified dyes, CARIUMA is ensuring that their products meet strict environmental and ethical standards.

The brand’s labour rating is ‘good’, which means that they prioritize the well-being and fair treatment of their workers. CARIUMA’s factory is certified by the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), which ensures that the factory operates ethically and complies with labor laws. Additionally, the brand has a Code of Conduct in place that covers all of the International Labour Organization’s Four Fundamental Freedoms principles. This demonstrates their commitment to respecting workers’ rights.

CARIUMA also ensures that a living wage is paid to workers in the final stage of production. This is important because many workers in the fashion industry are not paid a fair wage, which can contribute to poverty and exploitation. By paying a living wage, CARIUMA is helping to improve the livelihoods of their workers and promote fair labor practices.

Furthermore, CARIUMA sources its final stage of production from countries with a high risk of labor abuse. This is a proactive measure that allows the brand to have more control over the working conditions and treatment of workers in their supply chain. By sourcing from these countries, CARIUMA can ensure that their products are made under ethical conditions.

While CARIUMA is making strides in terms of labor practices and environmental impact, their animal rating is ‘it’s a start’. The brand does not use fur, down, exotic animal skin, exotic animal hair, or angora in its products. However, they do use leather. While leather is a natural material, its production can have a significant environmental impact. Additionally, the sourcing of leather raises concerns about animal welfare. CARIUMA can further improve its animal rating by exploring alternative materials and production methods that do not involve the use of animal products.

In conclusion, CARIUMA is a brand that is committed to sustainability and making positive changes in the fashion industry. Their good overall rating reflects their efforts to minimize their environmental impact, ensure fair labor practices, and gradually move towards more ethical sourcing of materials. By choosing CARIUMA products, consumers can support a brand that values sustainability and the well-being of workers. With their ongoing commitment to improvement and innovation, CARIUMA is setting an example for other brands to follow.

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