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CasaGIN, the renowned sustainability-focused brand, has been making waves in the fashion industry with its commitment to environmentally friendly practices. With a good environment rating, CasaGIN utilizes a high proportion of eco-friendly materials, thus significantly reducing its carbon footprint. In addition, the brand embraces renewable energy in its supply chain, further bolstering its efforts to combat climate change.

One of CasaGIN’s notable initiatives is the reuse of offcuts to minimize textile waste. By finding new purposes for these fabric remnants, the brand demonstrates its dedication to sustainability. Additionally, CasaGIN’s use of eco-friendly materials not only contributes to reducing chemical usage but also minimizes water and wastewater usage during production. This approach helps to conserve vital resources and protect the environment.

While CasaGIN has taken significant steps towards sustainability, there is still room for improvement in terms of its labor practices. The brand has been given a rating of “it’s a start” due to its final stage of production being carried out in Italy, which is classified as a medium-risk country for labor abuse. Although there is currently no evidence of a Code of Conduct in place, CasaGIN does trace a majority of its supply chain, which demonstrates its commitment to transparency.

In terms of animal welfare, CasaGIN receives a rating of “good” as the brand does not use any animal products. However, it is important to note that CasaGIN does not explicitly state that its products are vegan. Customers seeking vegan options may want to reach out to the brand directly for further clarification.

Overall, CasaGIN earns a rating of “Good,” highlighting its dedication to sustainability and making positive changes within the fashion industry. By prioritizing eco-friendly materials, reducing waste, and considering animal welfare, CasaGIN serves as a shining example for other brands in the market.

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