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Environment Rating

OMNES has a good environment rating due to its use of a medium proportion of eco-friendly materials, including recycled materials. By incorporating these materials into its products, the brand reduces its impact on the environment and promotes sustainability in the fashion industry. Additionally, OMNES utilizes renewable energy in its supply chain to further decrease its carbon footprint and combat climate change. The brand’s commitment to eco-friendly practices limits the amount of harmful chemicals, water usage, and wastewater generated during production.

Labour Rating

The labour rating for OMNES is also considered good. The brand conducts audits on some of its supply chain, with a focus on the final stage of production. By monitoring and evaluating these processes, OMNES ensures that ethical standards are upheld and that workers are treated fairly. The brand traces most of its supply chain to promote transparency and accountability. Although OMNES sources its products from countries with a high risk of labour abuse, it takes steps to guarantee the payment of a living wage in some areas of the supply chain. This commitment to fair labour practices contributes to the overall positive rating in this category.

Animal Rating

OMNES has a good animal rating as it avoids using fur, leather, down, exotic animal skin, exotic animal hair, or angora in its products. Instead, the brand opts for the use of wool, a more sustainable and cruelty-free alternative. By refraining from using materials that harm animals or contribute to animal cruelty, OMNES demonstrates its commitment to ethical and responsible practices within the industry.

Overall Rating

With its good ratings in the environment, labour, and animal categories, OMNES is rated as ‘Good’ overall. The brand’s dedication to sustainability, ethical labour practices, and animal welfare sets it apart as a responsible and conscious choice for consumers looking to make environmentally-friendly purchasing decisions. By prioritizing these values in its operations and supply chain, OMNES showcases its commitment to creating a positive impact on both people and the planet.

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