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Assessing Sustainability: The Rating of Coco & Kandy

When it comes to evaluating the sustainability practices of brands, the “Planet,” “People,” and “Animals” ratings are key factors to consider. These ratings delve deep into various aspects of a brand’s operations to determine its overall impact on the environment, society, and animal welfare. In this article, we focus on Coco & Kandy, a fashion brand that has been rated across these three categories.

Planet Rating: The Good Practices of Coco & Kandy

  • Coco & Kandy has been rated “Good” in the Planet category. This rating reflects the brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability in its supply chain.
  • One of the positive factors influencing its score is the use of a medium proportion of lower-impact materials, such as organic cotton. By opting for such materials, Coco & Kandy helps reduce the chemicals, water, and wastewater in its supply chain.
  • To further minimize waste, the brand limits its production runs, showcasing a conscious effort towards sustainability.
  • Coco & Kandy also stands out by avoiding plastic packaging, a move that helps reduce plastic pollution and environmental harm.

People Rating: The Ethical Stance of Coco & Kandy

  • In the People category, Coco & Kandy has been rated “It’s a Start,” indicating that the brand has taken some steps towards ethical practices, but more actions are needed.
  • The brand’s Code of Conduct covers the ILO Four Fundamental Freedoms principles, highlighting its commitment to respecting workers’ rights.
  • While Coco & Kandy traces most of its supply chain, there is no concrete evidence to show that it ensures workers are paid living wages throughout its operations.
  • The brand’s regular visits to its suppliers reflect a level of engagement and oversight, contributing to a more transparent and ethical supply chain.

Animals Rating: The Compassion of Coco & Kandy

  • When it comes to the treatment of animals, Coco & Kandy has received a “Good” rating, showcasing its responsible practices in this area.
  • The brand appears to use exotic animal hair and silk, but it has obtained certification from the Responsible Wool Standard for the wool it sources, indicating a commitment to ethical sourcing.
  • Coco & Kandy does not seem to use leather, down, fur, angora, or exotic animal skin in its products, aligning with ethical standards for animal welfare.

Based on a comprehensive review of publicly available information, Coco & Kandy has received an overall “Good” rating for its sustainability practices. While the brand demonstrates positive efforts in areas such as environmental impact, workers’ rights, and animal welfare, there is room for improvement to achieve higher ratings in the future.

By continuously reflecting on its practices, engaging in transparent communication, and striving for higher ethical standards, Coco & Kandy can further enhance its sustainability performance and set a positive example for the fashion industry as a whole.

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