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Eco Intimates: Crafting Sustainable Stories in Intimate Apparel

In intimate apparel, Eco Intimates emerges as a beacon of sustainability. This brand is dedicated to positively impacting the environment by focusing on eco-friendly materials and reducing textile waste.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Eco Intimates sets itself apart by incorporating a medium proportion of eco-friendly materials into its products.
  • Textile Waste Minimization: The brand adopts a limited production-run strategy to prevent overproduction and minimize waste from unsold inventory.
  • Labor Practices: While the brand demonstrates attention to labor practices with a statement covering workers’ rights, there is room for improvement.
  • Supply Chain Transparency: Eco Intimates showcases relative transparency by tracing most of its supply chain, including the final production stage.
  • Cruelty-Free Fashion: Eco Intimates predominantly offers products free of animal materials, aligning with cruelty-free fashion trends.

Key Factors Setting Eco Intimates Apart:

Madonna Bain, the designer behind ECO INTIMATES, is dedicated to crafting bespoke intimates that exude luxury. With a passion for using natural and organic textiles, Madonna employs slow manufacturing processes, advocating for skilled makers and the planet.

The inception of ECO INTIMATES dates back to 2008 when Madonna, driven by her love for designing feminine, natural lingerie, started the label as a hobby. Operating from her home studio (or her spare room), Madonna nurtured the brand while balancing the responsibilities of raising two daughters. Over the years, ECO INTIMATES has steadily grown, fueled by love and unwavering dedication.

In 2018, Madonna decided to commit full-time to ECO INTIMATES, ensuring that the label maintains its bespoke essence. Each carefully curated collection is crafted in small, sustainable batches by teams of home-makers in Bali, Indonesia. Meanwhile, Madonna oversees the entire process, from conceptualization and sampling to pattern creation, all from her home in northern New South Wales.

She remains true to her ethos, Madonna endeavors to create natural lingerie that enhances women’s beauty and withstands the test of time. ECO INTIMATES continues to thrive as a testament to Madonna’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and celebrating every woman’s inherent beauty. 

Medium Proportion of Eco-Friendly Materials:

Eco Intimates leads by incorporating a balanced amount of eco-friendly materials, diminishing reliance on environmentally detrimental traditional fabrics. This conscious choice curtails resource consumption and minimizes the ecological footprint in production.

Textile Waste Minimization through Limited Production:

Adopting a limited production run strategy, Eco Intimates manufactures products in quantities aligned with consumer demand. This approach prevents overproduction, ensuring minimal waste from unsold inventory and contributing significantly to the brand’s overall environmental responsibility.

Attention to Labor Practices:

While lacking a formal Code of Conduct, Eco Intimates demonstrates a commitment to workers’ rights through a comprehensive statement. This underscores the brand’s ethical practices and dedication to fair treatment of its workforce.

Call for a Living Wage in the Supply Chain:

Recognizing the need for improvement, Eco Intimates is urged to ensure the payment of a living wage in its supply chain. This step would significantly enhance the brand’s labor practices and reinforce its commitment to social responsibility.

Supply Chain Transparency:

Eco Intimates embraces relative transparency by meticulously tracing its supply chain, extending visibility from sourcing materials to the final production stage. The brand’s regular visits to suppliers underscore high engagement and accountability throughout its ethical practices.

Cruelty-Free Fashion with a Silk Exception:

Proudly crafting products primarily free of animal materials, Eco Intimates aligns with cruelty-free fashion trends. While silk remains an exception, this commitment showcases a dedication to minimizing the brand’s impact on animals.


In essence, Eco Intimates stands at the forefront of sustainability in intimate apparel. The brand’s emphasis on eco-friendly materials, waste reduction, and ethical practices positively impacts the environment and labor conditions. 

Acknowledging areas for improvement, Eco Intimates rightfully earns its ‘Good’ overall rating, marking a commendable stride toward a more sustainable and responsible future.


  1. Is Eco Intimates genuinely sustainable?

Eco Intimates is committed to sustainability using eco-friendly materials, waste reduction strategies, and ethical practices.

  1. Does Eco Intimates use eco-friendly materials exclusively?

The brand incorporates a medium proportion of eco-friendly materials, showcasing a dedication to reducing its environmental impact.

  1. How does Eco Intimates minimize textile waste?

Eco Intimates adopts a limited production run approach, ensuring products are created in quantities aligned with customer demand to prevent overproduction.

  1. What steps does Eco Intimates take for ethical labor practices?

While no formal Code of Conduct exists, the brand has a statement covering workers’ rights, indicating a commitment to fair and ethical treatment.

  1. Is Eco Intimates transparent about its supply chain?

Yes, Eco Intimates traces most of its supply chain, giving consumers visibility into the origins of their purchases.

  1. Does Eco Intimates pay a living wage to workers in its supply chain?

Currently, there’s no evidence to suggest the payment of a living wage, but it’s an area where the brand could enhance its social responsibility.

  1. How often does Eco Intimates visit its suppliers?

The frequency of supplier visits is not specified, but the brand’s commitment to engagement and accountability is evident.

  1. Are all Eco Intimates products cruelty-free?

Yes, except silk, Eco Intimates products are generally free of animal materials, reflecting a commitment to cruelty-free fashion.

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