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Elegantees is a brand that is making a positive impact in the fashion industry. With an environment rating of ‘it’s a start’, the brand is taking steps towards sustainability by using a medium proportion of eco-friendly materials, including organic cotton. By incorporating these materials into their clothing, Elegantees is reducing the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production.

While the brand has made progress in using eco-friendly materials, there is no evidence that Elegantees minimizes packaging or actively works to reduce its carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. This is an area where the brand could further improve its environmental efforts.

Moving on to the brand’s labor rating, it is rated as ‘good’. Elegantees is not just a fashion brand, but also a social enterprise with a mission to provide employment for survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal. By offering these survivors meaningful and fair employment opportunities, the brand is helping them rebuild their lives and regain their independence.

In terms of supply chain transparency, Elegantees traces some of its supply chain. This means that the brand has a level of visibility into where its materials come from and how they are produced. While it’s not a complete traceability, it shows a commitment to ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices.

Another positive aspect of Elegantees is its commitment to paying a living wage in most of the final stages of production. This ensures that the workers involved in creating their garments are fairly compensated for their labor, allowing them to support themselves and their families.

When it comes to the brand’s animal rating, Elegantees is rated as ‘good’. The brand does not use any animal products, which is a great step towards cruelty-free fashion. However, it does not explicitly state that it is vegan, so it’s unclear whether animal by-products are completely avoided in their manufacturing process.

Overall, Elegantees is making positive strides in the fashion industry. With its commitment to using eco-friendly materials and providing fair employment for survivors of sex trafficking, the brand is making a difference. While there is room for improvement in areas such as packaging and supply chain transparency, Elegantees serves as an example of how fashion can be both stylish and sustainable.

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