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GR10K is a brand that falls under the “Not Good Enough” category when it comes to environmental sustainability. Our “Planet” rating evaluates brands based on their environmental policies in their supply chains, considering factors such as carbon emissions, wastewater, business models, and product circularity.

While GR10K does use some lower-impact materials, including recycled materials, there is no clear evidence that they are taking meaningful action to reduce water usage. Water is a valuable resource that needs to be conserved, especially in the fashion industry where it is heavily used in manufacturing processes.

In addition to water usage, GR10K also lacks evidence of taking meaningful action to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals in their manufacturing processes. Chemicals used in the production of garments can have harmful effects on both the environment and the workers involved. It is essential for brands to prioritize the use of safer alternatives and ensure the well-being of their workers.

Another aspect that impacts GR10K’s score is the lack of evidence of action taken to minimize packaging, which contributes to plastic waste. Excessive packaging adds to the already significant plastic pollution problem our planet is facing. Brands need to adopt sustainable packaging practices to reduce their environmental impact.

When it comes to workers’ rights, which fall under our “People” rating, GR10K does not publish sufficient information. Transparency is vital, as consumers have the right to know how the products they purchase are connected to important social issues such as child labor, living wages, and gender equality. Brands need to prioritize fair and ethical practices throughout their supply chains.

Our “Animals” rating focuses on brands’ animal welfare policies and the traceability of animal-derived products. GR10K receives an “It’s a Start” rating in this category. Although there is no evidence of an animal welfare policy, the brand does not appear to use leather, down, fur, angora, exotic animal skin, or exotic animal hair. While this is a positive aspect, it is important for brands to have clear policies in place to ensure the well-being of animals and to source their materials responsibly.

Based on all the publicly available information we have reviewed, we rate GR10K as “Not Good Enough” overall. It is crucial for brands to prioritize sustainability and take meaningful actions to minimize their environmental impact, consider workers’ rights, and have clear policies regarding animal welfare. As consumers, we have the power to support brands that align with our values and positively contribute to a more sustainable future.

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