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Happy Earth Apparel: Striving for a Greener and Kinder Fashion World

Happy Earth Apparel is a brand on a mission to make the world greener and more sustainable. They’re all about eco-friendly materials and practices. So, let’s dive into their scores on environmental, labor, and animal friendliness.

Key Takeaways

  • Happy Earth Apparel is a brand dedicated to promoting sustainability through eco-friendly materials and practices.
  • The brand’s environmental rating is ‘good,’ thanks to its use of certified organic cotton and recycled packaging.
  • Happy Earth Apparel’s labor rating is ‘good’ due to its partnership with fair trade factories and supply chain traceability.
  • The brand’s animal rating is ‘great’ because its entire product range is vegan, supporting a compassionate fashion industry.
  • Overall, Happy Earth Apparel is rated ‘Good,’ making it a commendable choice for environmentally-conscious and ethically-minded consumers.

Doing It Right: A Greener Approach to Fashion

In an industry often criticized for exploitation, Happy Earth Apparel has chosen to make a positive impact on the planet. It all starts with sustainable materials:

Organic Cotton: The brand’s super-soft, biodegradable organic cotton hails from a region with a rich history of cotton cultivation. Grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers, it thrives on rainfall, allowing both cotton and the environment to prosper. This natural fiber serves as the cornerstone of every garment Happy Earth Apparel creates.

No Polyester: The brand firmly avoids polyester, even when recycled, as it contributes to microfiber pollution and contains harmful chemicals. This choice is made in consideration of the planet and the well-being of its customers’ skin.

Respect: Every individual involved in Happy Earth Apparel’s product creation is considered vital. With over 95% of products crafted in Fair Trade-certified factories, the brand upholds workers’ rights and enforces a strict Code of Conduct inspired by the International Labour Organization.

Net Zero Emissions: The commitment to reducing and offsetting 100% of emissions is unwavering. Happy Earth Apparel calculates and neutralizes its carbon footprint through certified programs. 

Eco-friendly choices, such as organic cotton, sea shipping, and lightweight packaging, are preferred, and collaborations with manufacturers sharing these values are sought. The brand’s factory operates on solar and natural gas, while its office runs on renewable energy, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Vegan & Cruelty-Free: While choosing vegan materials is a significant step, Happy Earth Apparel understands it’s not the only one. The brand ensures that materials are collected and processed in a way that preserves ecosystems and the creatures that call them home.

Eco Warrior Rating: Good

Happy Earth Apparel is doing pretty well for the planet. They’re big fans of eco-friendly materials, like cotton that’s Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified. No harmful chemicals or pesticides in sight, making the soil and ecosystems smile. 

Plus, they’re into recycling using packaging that’s kind to the environment. While we can’t confirm if they’re superhero-level waste reducers, their eco materials already mean less nasty chemicals, less water use, and less wastewater.

Fair Labor Champion Rating: Good

Happy Earth Apparel is also a champion of fair labor practices. They team up with a factory that’s part of the WFTO Guarantee System, ensuring fair trade rules are in play and workers get the support they deserve. While there isn’t clear evidence of a specific Code of Conduct, they do have a formal statement covering workers’ rights. 

They keep an eye on most of their supply chain, so they know where their products come from and can make sure everyone’s playing fair. The one thing we’re not sure about is if they guarantee a living wage. This is important because it ensures workers can meet their basic needs and live a decent life.

Animal-Friendly Legend Rating: Great

women standing in a field

Happy Earth Apparel is a legend when it comes to animals. They’re all about vegan-friendly clothes, meaning no animal products are used in their clothing. If you’re into being kind to animals and the environment, this is a fantastic choice.


What does Happy Earth Apparel do to minimize its environmental impact?

Happy Earth Apparel uses eco-friendly materials, including Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton, and employs recycled packaging to reduce waste and lower its carbon footprint.

Does Happy Earth Apparel ensure fair labor practices?

Yes, the brand partners with a factory that is a member of the WFTO Guarantee System, promoting fair trade practices and worker support.

Is Happy Earth Apparel’s entire product range vegan-friendly?

Yes, Happy Earth Apparel proudly offers a vegan product range, meaning no animal products are used in clothing production.

What is the brand’s overall rating, and why is it rated as such?

Happy Earth Apparel has an ‘Good’ overall rating due to its commitment to sustainability, fair labor practices, and vegan-friendly products. However, there is room for improvement in ensuring the payment of a living wage in its supply chain.

Why should consumers consider supporting Happy Earth Apparel?

By choosing brands like Happy Earth Apparel, consumers can contribute to a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. Supporting brands with a focus on sustainability sets a positive example for the fashion industry and promotes eco-friendly and ethical practices. 

Overall Go Green Score: Good

Taking everything into account – eco materials, fair labor, and being animal-friendly – Happy Earth Apparel gets a ‘Good’ rating overall. They’re putting in the effort to be more sustainable with eco materials, recycling, and partnering with fair trade factories. Still, there’s room to grow, like ensuring that living wage for workers.

So, if you’re all about the environment, fair work conditions, and animal welfare, Happy Earth Apparel is a brand worth supporting. They’re setting an example for the fashion industry, and by choosing brands like them, you’re helping make the world of fashion greener and kinder. Every purchase has the power to make a change, so let’s make a difference together!

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