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Jack Wolfskin is a brand that strives towards sustainability in its production processes and materials used. Although its environment rating is currently classified as ‘it’s a start,’ it is evident that the company is taking steps in the right direction. One notable aspect is its use of eco-friendly materials, particularly organic cotton. By incorporating this material into its products, Jack Wolfskin is reducing its environmental impact.

Furthermore, the brand has made significant progress in eliminating hazardous chemicals from its production stages. Most of the final and second stages of production are now free from these harmful substances. This achievement demonstrates Jack Wolfskin’s commitment to creating a safer and more sustainable manufacturing process.

While the company has taken positive steps in reducing its climate impact, there is still room for improvement. Jack Wolfskin utilizes sea freight for shipping, which is a more sustainable alternative to air freight. By opting for sea transportation, the brand is minimizing its carbon footprint and contributing to a greener supply chain.

Jack Wolfskin’s labor rating is also classified as ‘it’s a start.’ However, it is worth noting that the brand has made efforts to improve its labor practices. Some of its supply chain is certified by the Fair Wear Foundation, ensuring better working conditions and fair wages for workers. This certification covers the entire final stage of production, which is a significant step towards ethical labor practices.

Despite these positive developments, there is no evidence of Jack Wolfskin implementing practices to support diversity and inclusion in its supply chain. To further enhance its labor rating, the brand should consider incorporating measures to promote diversity and equality among its workers.

In terms of payment, Jack Wolfskin ensures that a living wage is provided to workers in some parts of its supply chain. This commitment to fair compensation is crucial in supporting the well-being and livelihoods of employees.

The brand demonstrates accountability towards its suppliers and workers by disclosing policies and safeguards in place to protect them from the impacts of COVID-19. This transparency is essential in maintaining a responsible and supportive supply chain, especially during challenging times.

When it comes to animal welfare, Jack Wolfskin’s rating is ‘it’s a start.’ The brand has made a general statement about minimizing animal suffering, although it does not currently have a formal animal welfare policy. It does use leather in some of its products, which raises concerns about the treatment of animals in the leather industry.

On a positive note, Jack Wolfskin states that it sources wool from non-mulesed sheep. This commitment to animal welfare ensures that the production of their wool products aligns with ethical standards.

Additionally, the brand utilizes down certified by the Responsible Down Standard. This certification guarantees that the down used in their products comes from sources that adhere to strict animal welfare standards. By prioritizing certified down, Jack Wolfskin is taking important steps to ensure the humane treatment of animals.

It is worth mentioning that Jack Wolfskin does not use fur, exotic animal skin, exotic animal hair, or angora in its products. This stance further emphasizes the brand’s commitment to avoiding materials that may harm animals.

Overall, Jack Wolfskin’s sustainability efforts are commendable, but there is still progress to be made. With continuous improvements and a stronger commitment to animal welfare and diversifying its supply chain, the brand has the potential to become a leader in the sustainable outdoor apparel industry. As consumers, we can support brands like Jack Wolfskin by choosing their products and encouraging their ongoing efforts towards a more sustainable future.

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