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Lazy Oaf is a brand that focuses on sustainable fashion and aims to make a positive impact on the environment. However, according to our assessment, it falls short in several areas when it comes to the brand’s sustainability practices. In our “Planet” rating, which evaluates environmental policies in the supply chain, Lazy Oaf has been rated as “Not Good Enough”.

One of the factors that influenced this rating is the brand’s use of lower-impact materials. While it is commendable that Lazy Oaf is making an effort to reduce its environmental footprint, there is still room for improvement in this area. Another concern is the lack of evidence of meaningful action taken by the brand to reduce or eliminate hazardous chemicals in manufacturing. This is an important aspect that needs to be addressed in order to ensure the brand’s sustainability.

Additionally, Lazy Oaf has no evidence of taking meaningful action to reduce water use, which is a key factor in sustainable fashion. Water scarcity is a significant global issue, and it is crucial for brands to actively work towards reducing their water consumption. Furthermore, there is no evidence of Lazy Oaf minimizing textile waste in its supply chain. The fashion industry is known to generate a significant amount of waste, and sustainable practices should aim to minimize this waste through recycling and upcycling.

On the other hand, Lazy Oaf has been rated as “Not Good Enough” in our “People” rating, which evaluates brands’ policies and practices regarding workers’ rights. While the brand claims to have a Code of Conduct, it does not publicly disclose it. Transparency is essential when it comes to workers’ rights, and brands should be open about their standards and practices. Although Lazy Oaf partly traces its supply chain, including the final production stage, there is still a need for more comprehensive tracing to ensure fair labor practices.

The brand does visit its suppliers regularly, which is a positive step towards ensuring better working conditions. However, there is no evidence that Lazy Oaf ensures workers are paid living wages in its supply chain. This is a crucial aspect of workers’ rights and brands should prioritize fair wages to support sustainable livelihoods.

When it comes to animal welfare, Lazy Oaf has received a rating of “Great” in our “Animals” rating. The brand has been listed as vegan by PETA, indicating that it does not use animal-derived products in its collections. This commitment to animal welfare is commendable and aligns with sustainable and ethical fashion practices.

Based on all the publicly available information we have reviewed, we rate Lazy Oaf as “It’s a Start” overall. While the brand has shown positive efforts in certain areas, there is still significant room for improvement in terms of both environmental and social sustainability. It is essential for Lazy Oaf to take meaningful action to address the concerns raised in our assessment and strive towards better sustainability practices in the future.

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