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Assessing Liv:ra’s Environmental Impact

Our “Planet” rating system judges brands on their environmental policies within their supply chains, considering factors like carbon emissions, wastewater management, business practices, and product sustainability. Liv:ra has received a rating of “Good” in this category, thanks to several key practices that contribute to a more sustainable approach.

  • Liv:ra utilizes lower-impact materials, such as organic cotton, in its products, reducing the ecological footprint of its production.
  • By offering made-to-order products, Liv:ra minimizes waste and avoids overproduction, leading to a more efficient use of resources.
  • Manufacturing products closer to home helps Liv:ra diminish the environmental impact of long-distance shipping, thereby reducing carbon emissions.
  • The brand also prioritizes the use of low-impact dyes in all its products, further showcasing its commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Evaluating Liv:ra’s Social Responsibility

When it comes to the treatment of workers and adherence to fair labor practices, our “People” rating shines a light on Liv:ra’s performance in these areas, earning a rating of “It’s a Start.” Several considerations contribute to this assessment:

  • While Liv:ra conducts most of its final production in Japan, a medium-risk country for labor abuse, there is room for improvement in ensuring worker welfare.
  • There is no clear evidence that Liv:ra has a comprehensive Code of Conduct in place, which is crucial for protecting workers’ rights and ensuring ethical practices.
  • Although the brand visits its suppliers regularly, there is no concrete evidence that it guarantees living wages for all workers involved in its supply chain.

Animal Welfare Considerations

Since Liv:ra’s products are predominantly free of animal-derived materials, our “Animals” rating does not apply as directly. However, we acknowledge the importance of brands’ animal welfare policies and their ability to trace animal-derived products, which may be relevant in other contexts.

Overall Rating for Liv:ra

Liv:ra’s final rating is a reflection of its combined performance in environmental impact and social responsibility. Taking into account all available information, the brand has been rated as “Good” overall, signifying a commendable effort towards sustainability and ethical practices.

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