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Sustainability at LOUDBODIES: A Commitment to the Environment

LOUDBODIES is an innovative fashion brand that is pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the industry. With a strong focus on eco-friendly materials and reducing waste, the brand is making significant strides towards creating a more sustainable future.

An Environmentally Conscious Approach

LOUDBODIES takes its environmental impact seriously. The brand has been rated ‘good’ in terms of its environmental practices, indicating that it is taking steps in the right direction.

One of the key ways LOUDBODIES prioritizes sustainability is through its use of eco-friendly materials. The brand utilizes a high proportion of organic cotton in its products, reducing the need for harmful pesticides and chemicals that can pollute the environment and harm workers.

Additionally, LOUDBODIES goes the extra mile by reusing some of its offcuts to minimize textile waste. By finding creative ways to repurpose materials, the brand is helping to reduce its overall environmental footprint.

While there is no evidence of specific measures taken by LOUDBODIES to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, the brand’s commitment to using eco-friendly materials inherently reduces its climate impact. By avoiding synthetic fabrics and choosing organic alternatives, LOUDBODIES limits the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production.

Labour Conditions: Room for Improvement

LOUDBODIES’ labour rating is labeled as ‘it’s a start,’ suggesting that the brand still has work to do to ensure fair and ethical practices throughout its supply chain.

The brand manufactures its products in-house, with the owner and a small team overseeing production. By taking control of the manufacturing process, LOUDBODIES can closely monitor working conditions and ensure that employees are treated fairly.

Furthermore, LOUDBODIES traces most of its supply chain, demonstrating a commitment to transparency. Knowing where materials come from is an important step towards ensuring that workers are not being exploited or subjected to unsafe working conditions.

However, there is no evidence that LOUDBODIES ensures the payment of a living wage to its employees. While the brand’s in-house manufacturing may provide more control over this aspect, it is essential for LOUDBODIES to clearly communicate and enforce fair wage practices throughout its supply chain.

Animal Welfare: A Compassionate Approach

LOUDBODIES receives a ‘good’ rating for its animal practices. The brand does not use any animal products in its designs, aligning with a compassionate approach to fashion. However, LOUDBODIES does not explicitly state that it is a vegan company.

By opting for animal-free alternatives, LOUDBODIES eliminates the need for animal exploitation and cruelty in the fashion industry. This is a commendable step towards creating a more sustainable and ethical fashion landscape.

A Bright Future for LOUDBODIES

Overall, LOUDBODIES is making significant strides towards sustainability in the fashion industry. Its commitment to using eco-friendly materials and reducing waste sets a positive example for other brands to follow.

While there is room for improvement in terms of labour conditions and ensuring fair wages, LOUDBODIES’ dedication to transparency and traceability is a step in the right direction.

As the brand continues to evolve and fine-tune its practices, LOUDBODIES has the potential to become a leader in sustainable fashion, setting the standard for others in the industry to strive towards.

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