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When it comes to sustainability, The Recycled Planet is making strides in the right direction. With an environment rating of ‘it’s a start’, this brand is committed to using a high proportion of eco-friendly materials, including recycled materials. By utilizing such materials, The Recycled Planet aims to reduce its climate impact and limit the amount of chemicals, water, and wastewater used in production. This not only benefits the environment but also promotes a healthier and more sustainable approach to manufacturing.

While The Recycled Planet’s commitment to using eco-friendly materials is commendable, there is currently no evidence to suggest that the brand is actively minimizing textile waste during the manufacturing process. Textile waste is a significant environmental concern, and taking specific steps to address this issue would greatly enhance The Recycled Planet’s sustainability efforts.

In terms of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, The Recycled Planet’s practices are not well-documented. There is no evidence to suggest that the brand is taking specific measures to reduce energy consumption or address greenhouse gas emissions. However, due to its use of eco-friendly materials, The Recycled Planet is inadvertently reducing its carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

When it comes to labor practices, The Recycled Planet’s rating is ‘not good enough’. There is currently no evidence to suggest that the brand has implemented a Code of Conduct or ensures the payment of a living wage within its supply chain. Additionally, there is no evidence to suggest that The Recycled Planet conducts supplier audits, which are essential for maintaining ethical and sustainable production practices. However, the brand does trace some of its supply chain, indicating a level of transparency and accountability.

On the bright side, The Recycled Planet’s animal rating is ‘good’. The brand does not use leather, fur, exotic animal skin, or angora in its products. Instead, The Recycled Planet opts for recycled wool, recycled cashmere, and recycled down, further promoting sustainability and reducing the demand for new animal-derived materials.

Overall, The Recycled Planet is rated ‘it’s a start’. While the brand demonstrates a commitment to using eco-friendly materials and avoiding the use of animal-derived materials, there is room for improvement in terms of minimizing textile waste, reducing energy use, and implementing labor standards. With continued efforts and a focus on sustainability, The Recycled Planet has the potential to become a leader in the field.

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