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MATE the Label is a brand that is dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. With a focus on using organic cotton and manufacturing locally, the brand aims to reduce its environmental impact. MATE the Label’s environment rating is ‘great’, indicating that it is committed to using a high proportion of eco-friendly materials. This not only reduces the amount of water and wastewater used in production but also promotes a more sustainable fashion industry.

When it comes to labor, MATE the Label acknowledges that there is still room for improvement. Its labor rating is ‘it’s a start’, indicating that the brand is taking steps to address labor rights in its supply chain. While the final stage of production is undertaken in the USA, a medium risk country for labor rights, MATE the Label has implemented a Code of Conduct that covers some of the ILO Four Fundamental Freedoms principles. This demonstrates the brand’s commitment to ensuring fair working conditions.

However, there is currently no evidence that MATE the Label ensures payment of a living wage in its supply chain. While it is positive that the brand regularly visits its suppliers, more needs to be done to ensure that workers are paid a fair wage that enables them to meet their basic needs. Improving the payment of a living wage is essential for addressing income inequality and promoting better livelihoods for workers.

On the animal front, MATE the Label receives a rating of ‘great’. The brand proudly states that its entire product range is vegan, meaning that no animal products or by-products are used in the production process. This commitment to cruelty-free practices aligns with the brand’s overall dedication to sustainability and ethical production.

Environment Labor Animal Overall
Great It’s a start Great Good

In conclusion, MATE the Label is a brand that is making positive strides towards sustainability. With its use of eco-friendly materials, local manufacturing, and commitment to being cruelty-free, the brand is demonstrating its dedication to reducing its environmental impact. However, there are areas for improvement, particularly in terms of labor rights and ensuring the payment of a living wage in its supply chain. Overall, MATE the Label receives a rating of ‘Good’, indicating that while it is on the right track, there is still work to be done to achieve a truly sustainable and ethical fashion industry.

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